Musical fidelity A5 or Dussun V8I integrated?

Has anyone had a chance to compare these two integrateds? I am on audiogon every day and have yet to see a Dussun V8I for sale. Are they that good that no one is selling them? I have a Tyler Linbrook signature speaker system. My room is not too large (12 x 15) but like to listen to loud music on accasion. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I can't compare the MF and Dussun directly but can say I'm very pleased with my V8i. I don't think mine is a typical system but then, who's is? V8i, Faroudja DV1000 dvd/cd (I only use the cd facility), Quad FM4 tuner into 15" Tannoy HPD's dual concentrics in Amesbury cabs. The Tannoys are quite sensitive circa 92db so don't need much volume. Bit of a waste one might say but I like sitting on that suppressed power from the 250w/8ohm V8i. However, if you want to make your ears bleed, be my guest. Plenty of clarity and phenomenal bass at relatively low volume. Detail and soundstage is impressive, all the superlatives you'd expect I suppose from someone who is basically happy with the 10k+ sound these rare but relatively cheap components make together. No idea how much the V8i is in the US/Can but for the $900 I paid SH in UK the amp certainly cannot be beaten. I don't think they are much more than that new here. I think with products like this the high end is in for a tough future tying to convince experienced ears their kit is worth the 5, 10, 15 x asking price of the V8i.