Dussun DS99

Saw a Goodsound article,as well as one for sale on this site.Anyone else hear or have comments about this inexpensive integrated?
Firget this 1 you want the V8i -

Looking for the best Integrated Amplifier music system? E-mail us or call The Palace today that we have them starting $1600.00 to well over $10,000.00. We are experts with over 20 years of experience selling Integrated Amplifiers. Call The Palace today at 305 220-2811.

HR Photo, it may take a bit if you don't have high-speed internet service.

The HR Photo of the V8i above were taken by Larry for High-End Palace.


Simply the best Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier available in high-end audio under $3000.00 available now at the introductory price of just $1600.00.

Stunning "Hyper Class-A" 250 w/p/c in 8 Ohms and 500 w/p/c in 4 Ohms Integrated that sounds as good as it looks. The V8i features: Massive 21 pounds Transformer for each channel, 12 oversized power supplies, quality RCA's and bidding post, beautiful remote control, 3/4" thick faceplate, beautiful silver alloy top cover at no extra charge, 21" deep, 8.25" tall and it weights 90 pounds.

At The Palace we don't sale or recommend anything that does not meet our high standards. We have tested this V8i with four different sets of speakers ranging between $2000.00 to $18,000.00 with superb results. This is one smooth sounding Integrated Amp with plenty of power to move any speaker system.

The V8i is available now at the introductory price of just $1600.00!


Audio notes about the new DUSSUN V8i from Larry at The Palace

In the 2006 STEREOPHILE Show in LA, California I heard amazing music in the XLH, DUSSUN and CRITICAL MASS SYSTEMS Stands suite with the $25,000.00 XLH M-2000 Balanced Mono Blocks, the $5000.00 XLH SL-11XS Balanced Dual Mono Preamplifier and the $18,000.00 Dynaudio C4's, they provided a superb sound but that is expected from components and speakers in this price range.

In that same suite I found a new Integrated Amplifier that impressed me quite a bit with the built and parts quality, the new 90 pounds silver Dual Mono DUSSUN V8i "Hyper Class-A" Integrated Amplifier shown in the center of the photo above. I liked this Integrated at first sight so I came back after dinner Saturday to listen to the new Integrated for an hour with my personal reference CD's.

The V8i sounded wonderful, it sounded smooth with superb dynamics, and all this without being bright, cold or analytical sounding. This Integrated it's simply the best quality component I have ever seen and heard for this amount of money. The V8i is so good that I knew I wanted it to carry this product at The Palace on the spot. Imaging a superb quality 250 w/p/c in 8 Ohms and 500 w/p/c in 4 Ohms Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier that sounds and looks amazing under 2k. I went a head and connected the Dynaudio C4's to this V8i Integrated to see the potential of this integrated, mainly to make sure that this product sounded as good as it looks because I don't sale or recommend anything at The Palace that does not sound good or is not built well. I must tell you, I heard amazing music with this new Integrated Amplifier.

Now, the DUSSUN V8i is no replacement for the finest components available, is not, but it is the answer that lots of audiophiles that have asked me for many years, Larry please, please get some good affordable components for those audiophiles with affordable budget. In all this time I have always told our customers a reality, that reality is that is extremely hard to find good components now days in high-end audio at a heck of a price, so far I manage to find one.

Audio notes from,

President of High-End Palace

E-mail address: larry@highendpalace.com
Actually interested in impressions of the DS99.
I have the DS99 in my bedroom system. The sound is smooth
and detailed with good bass control. The built quality is
simply amazing for the price and the unit has operated
flawlessly for the past 3 months. While not the ultimate
in refinement compared to more expensive separates, it
is a fierce competitor to the Nad and the likes. Its
shortcomings are a lack of remote and no pre in/main out.

Hope this helps