Dual Golden 1 Turntable has low volume even with phone stage??

I just got a Dual Golden 1 turntable as a second turntable and hooked it up to a phono stage and into the system. Very low volume when turned almost all the way up. Tried it with another phone stage and same thing. Took irt over to a friend's house and the same thing. I called the guy I got it from and he said he had no problem with it. I am baffled. It does play both out of both speakers but not at any volume. Tried a new stylus and the same thing. Has an Ortofon magnetic cartridge. Hooked it to magnetic inputs on phono stage, still just above listening level at nearly full volume.

Any ideas?


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Does the Dual have a built in phono stage?  If it does, you need to put the turntable on the aux input and should have plenty of volume.
The Golden 1 is a CS5000 all decked out. I owned one and tweaked it out nicely.

I have no immediate answer for you. It does not pass a signal through any electronics. Check your continuity and see if there are any issues.

It is also is static balance with spring tension for vtf. Make shure you have the correct vtf. If not, and it is extremely low, it could effect the volume.

Pretty, though.

If you move the internal power transformer to an external project box, replace the tone arm cable and damp the arm tube.....it raises the bar significantly.
It sounds like somone used a demagnetizer on that cartridge by mistake!
I think there is some kind of a short in the arm.
Most likely but check your cartridge clips first.

If it is the arms wiring it has two lines. The tonearm wire, which is terminated to pins that have the tonearm cable soldered to it. You’ll have to take the plinth off to get to this. Better hope it is outside the arm. If it is inside the arm it is a much more difficult fix.
Make sure that the head-shell locking collar is fully engaged and tight up around the head-shell.  Maybe even remove the head-shell and make sure nothing got inside the arm where it attaches.  Then reseat the head-shell and make sure it is snug.