does tull qualify?

as far as i'm concerned, to me, one of the most exciting pieces of rock music has to be Baker Street Muse, off of Minstrel in the Gallery, by Jethro Tull. Rock, acoustic, orchestral music all come together beautifully. its the first thing i put on once i got my system completely upgraded. there's nothing like early 70's tull. to see them back then was magical!

Yes, they were unique and part of what made that era magical. Damn I miss it.
I just wish so many people I knew didn't have to die for the "do your own thing" paradigm.
The Jethro Tull of late 60's to mid 70's was something else. I remember a couple of summers as a teenager back in the day playing "Aqualung" and "Thick as a Brick" until the needle on my SONY record player was going to fall off. All you needed were your Tull, ELP, Alice Cooper, Stones, CSNY, and Beatles LP's and you were styling and profiling! Do explore Tull's first 5 albums: This Was, Stand Up, Benefit, Aqualung, and Thick as a Brick. As killer a collection of albums as they come.

For rock with acoustic and classical tie-ins try: ELP, Procol Harum, and Renaissance.

Regards, Rich
I had to go as far as getting "gold" copies of Stand Up and that "This" anmed disc. So maybe I have only a bias'd "yes" to give.
Funny I am listening to "A Passion Play" as I am reading this. The music is just as relevant today as it was back then.
To me Jethro Tull set the standard for Rock & Roll in the early seventies. Starting off as a blues band with the influence of Nick Abrams and turning it into as Gilman61255 puts it " come together beautifully " one of the most progressive bands out there. From Ians' flute to Martin Barres' guitar Tull would mesmerize the audience at each show. I really miss the old stuff and play it whenever I can. My favorites, Night Cap and Broadsword.
Can someone recommend the best post-Passion Play Tull?
I sort of lost interest after that and feel I might be missing some good stuff.
The best post PP (yeah I did that on purpose) is Crest of A Knave, but it's not the only good LP they did after the dismal failure of PP...

Broadsword is a great LP, but I liked the pastoral LPs too...

For more recent work, Roots to Branches has some really good work on it, and a newer sound with the Indian influence and the bamboo flutes used on several tracks... and I found a copy on vinyl! Hoooraaaahhhh



.... 10 bucks a bag .... 5 bucks a case ..... sitting on a park bench.....Without a doubt, Tull qualifies !!!!