Does the Rogue Cronus Magnum III have any real competition in its same price point of $3k?

If so, what is it? (new and tubes only please.)


Don't know if these compete but...

Black Ice Fusion F-35 Integrated amplifier $2100, up to 85 wpc
MA252 is around $3.5k hybrid
I've owned both a Rogue Cronus and a Raven Audio Blackhawk, though not at the same time. For me, the Raven is a much more musical, better built piece of gear and you get exceptional customer service from Raven (never had a reason to ask for help from Rogue.) At the time I owned the Cronus I also had an AES/Cary AE-25 amp and matching AE-3 preamp and it also sounded clearly better than the Cronus with the Merlin speakers I had at the time.
+1 Black Ice Fusion F-35.
Sfar:  So you were ok with the amp being 20wpc?? You didn't  miss anything compared to the Rogue?
It would be helpful to know the specs as far as sensitivity of the speakers you were driving with the Raven?