Does the Rogue Cronus Magnum III have any real competition in its same price point of $3k?

If so, what is it? (new and tubes only please.)


Finale Audio -Triode labs ( lower power tube stuff)
LTA their entry stuff is close to that price range. 
used Mac maybe
Cary Audio

then there's this thread   Is it possible to buy a decent tube amplifier in the $2000-3000 range? | Audiogon Discussion Forum

gosh my brain is blank there's so many more, but i would not count out used you can get way better in the used market. 
There is no other new tube integrated with the features of the Rogue at the 3 grand price point!
@glennewdick Why give a list of stuff that he is not interested in?
Does the Raven has a phono section?

Nope, but since the OP didn’t mention that as a requirement; why give a list of stuff that he is not interested in?
the raven has 20wpc.  the rogue has 100wpc.

When you ask for tube integrated recommendations around $3K, that’s exactly what you’ll receive. If you have other specific requirements, beyond what you included, sharing them would make this discussion more focused. Knowing what speakers you have would also be helpful information.

I owned a Chronus Magnum back in 2014 for about 6 months. It was a good entry-level tube amp and ended up being the gateway for me to Air Tight and Rogers tube amps--which are in a completely different stratosphere (price and performance). I moved on from the Rogue because it was not a good match for my Harbeth SHL5+.

Spend a few hundred bucks on replacing the 12AU7 & 12AX7 tubes and enjoy some tube rolling.

Jay:  I have the JBL studio 590 and an old pair Genesis APM-1s that i thought I would sell, but decided to keep.
Line Magnetic integrated amps are pretty hard to beat in that price segment
The JBLs are reasonably sensitive, but I've heard the Genesis like a little more power. 

Raven offers pretty generous in home trials, so you can hear it in your system and decide for yourself. 

Any reason you'd like new? You could spend less than, or get more for, your budget by including preowned in your search. 
One integrated, one not: 

Quicksilver Mid-Mono amps -- $2k
Quicksilver Line Stage -- $1.5k
So, a bit more, but would be well made and sound good.

Erhard's Basie Integrated is $2495
no.  i owned a cm ii for almost 3 years and all it did was sound transparent, smooth, refined, dynamic, throw a huge sound stage,  and have some ballz. 
paired with harbeth c7es3 it smoked some much more expensive competition and made for a world class combo.  
100wpc tube integrated amp with phonostage. Can use various KT tubes. Great company support. Made in USA. 3K.  Can't think of any at the moment.
Raven Audio Nighthawk

OP asked for competition. Which probably means a fair fight, not a knockout.
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The only real competition if you can stretch your budget is the least expensive accuphase of luxman integrated amplifiers but they would both be slightly more than 3000 but less than 4000.
I used to have the 60wpc primaluna monos in a much smaller room than what I have now. I had them paired with APM-1s. That was a long time ago. I don’t know if 60 watts will be enough now, let alone 20 watts that the Raven has to offer. I’m trying to get the most tube power out of 1 unit, since I do miss the sweetness of tubes, but not go over $3k.  The units suggested look good, I just don't know if they'll work for me.  

Don't know if these compete but...

Black Ice Fusion F-35 Integrated amplifier $2100, up to 85 wpc
MA252 is around $3.5k hybrid
I've owned both a Rogue Cronus and a Raven Audio Blackhawk, though not at the same time. For me, the Raven is a much more musical, better built piece of gear and you get exceptional customer service from Raven (never had a reason to ask for help from Rogue.) At the time I owned the Cronus I also had an AES/Cary AE-25 amp and matching AE-3 preamp and it also sounded clearly better than the Cronus with the Merlin speakers I had at the time.
+1 Black Ice Fusion F-35.
Sfar:  So you were ok with the amp being 20wpc?? You didn't  miss anything compared to the Rogue?
It would be helpful to know the specs as far as sensitivity of the speakers you were driving with the Raven?
FWIW,  I replaced a 100wpc Rogue Sphinx with a 20wpc Raven Blackhawk, and the Blackhawk plays as loudly with the volume at 10-11 o'clock as the Rogue did.  
i was just reading the "stuff" on the raven website.  they're claiming their 20wpc amps are the equivalent of a high quality 100wpc solid state amp.  that's quite the claim.
In my experience it is. (driving Von Schweikert VR-33's which have a 90db sensitivity)   
I've used two pair of speakers with the Raven Blackhawk LE, Nola Boxer S1s that are 90 dB and currently the Reference 3A di Capo i. The di Capos are advertised as being 92 dB but SoundStage measured them at 89 dB.

The Raven will easily drive either to louder levels than I would ever want in my living room. 

shtinkydog -- Yes, 20 watts per channel is more than enough. I didn't miss anything about the Rogue. It's a fine amp but just not quite as good as a couple other tube amps I've had and I found the way the bias adjustments were implemented to be sorta fiddly. In comparison, having well-implemented auto-bias on the Raven is nice.
+1 sfar Raven is not boasting. It's not really about watts.

Learn a bit here:
i owned a raven audio blackhawk.  loved the sound, it came stock with nos svet winged c power tubes and a mixture of quality nos small signal tubes which had a big impact on SQ. the current ravens use different power and small signal tubes.  
i sold it and replaced with a rogue cronus magnum ii to increase the impact and scale driving larger box british monitors.  mission accomplished, dynamics and bass were increased noticeably.  judicious small signal tube upgrades brought the SQ close to that of the Ravens.  
i would bet the sound quality today is closer out of the box.  
the ravens would sound more alive with higher efficiency speakers but that was not my case.