Does it really get any better than the Raven AC ??

Just received my new three motor Raven AC from Jeff at Highwater Sound. SImply the best analog I've heard. The combo of Raven AC, Dynavector 507 mk2 and the Xv1s cartridge is remarkable. My collection never sounded this good. I'd encourge you to give the table a look if your in the market for something really special.

Fm540i in Chicago
Had one, I still like my Transrotor better.
Can you tell us, compared to what?
Which arm/cart/phono are you using on which Transrotor?
What do you like better about it?
The question may be does it get any better than Jeff Catalano?

You are going to be jealous of me - Jeff lives only a few miles away, and he not only came to set up my table but then later brought Thomas W- the Raven;s designer (who was in NY visiting from Germany) to tweek my table.

I only have the lowly little "toy" Raven One but I enjoy it immensely. I have the Phantom arm, Stealth Hyperphono cable and currently the Celebration cart.

I may go with a X-1s cart at some point. Also I have mine sitting on a Sistrum stand, and even though it is a little too small for the table (I'm getting the proper size Sistrum this week) I really think it makes the table even faster and more detailed. I may even try and take the new Sistrum down to Jeff''s before I set it up so he can evaluate it vs. the Stillpoints that TW currently suggests.

I actually like my table with no mat and no clamp - both of which seem to overdamp the sound in my system.
Sure it does get better. My friend owns one and never uses it. Too depressing compared to his other table. We made a comparison with 2 identical cartridges, identical Arms and all into the same electronics.
I have mine on both Stillpoints and a stand. I spent the effort (it is so heavy) to remove the table from the Stillpoints and place it directly on the regular feet. The loss in detail and separation was significant enough to make the test last no longer than 1 side of 2 records. I then immediately placed the stillpoints back and all was well again. As for the stand, I am using a spring stand from Machina Dynamica. It has made a huge improvment as my room has a ton of bass so I need isolation. It allowed the turntable to go up a notch. I would say that SACD at its best is close to analogue. But prior to the TW is was equal if not better. Now, analogue is ahead by a small margin. This is when SACD is at its best.
Id be interested in more detail around competing tables. Transrotor what, model, arm, cartridge???? Still playing aroind with mat vs. no mat. Mystic mat versus Millenium mat etc.
A littlle birdie told me that the feet used with the Sistrum should be points down for best sound. Any Sistrum users find this to be true?

I love the mystic compared to the Millenium. But that is me. But some say it depends on the LP. Also, the Harmonix clamp is amazing. I love it. Is it better than all the others. Not sure but it sure looks cool and is better than some of them.

Hey, and no mat at all is also excellent. The Mystic "sound" is very very close to no mat at all. The copper platter is that good.

It sounds like your table should be set up pretty well now!
I'm curious, though. What was not optimum in your set up that needed tweaking? What parameters were changed and by how much? What differences did you hear after the changes?

Heh Thomas

What is your friend's other table that makes the TW Raven AC-3 unlistenable??
I think from Transrotor, the Transrotor Apollon that I wrote a review on has an equal footing in the performance area when equipped with the 3 motors, TMD, 80MM aluminum platter and special heavy duty quartz controlled outboard speed controller.

The mass alone is just 50lbs shy of the Raven, however, it is still over 100lbs as it sits. I use the Clearaudio MontBlanc stand for the Apollon and never ever have isolation related problems, i'e footsteps, rumble or picking up sounds or noises from the speakers. But, I would sure like to have both an AC in my living room system and keep the primary rig, The Transrotor Apollon in the listening room. They are both great in my book and I saw personnaly the debut a few years ago in Germany when the AC came out to the market and I knew that the style would catch on with the "analog" lovers in the world.

Man, is this hobby great or what?
The Davinci 12" arm & Davinci table combination that I heard out classed both the Raven & Walker. It was the best analogue reproduction I've ever heard by a long shot.

It was mostly the Phantom arm and cart mounting TW re-setup.


Did you hear the Davinci and TW in the same system with the same cart?

I have no doubt the Davinci is fantastic, but what would stop other elements of the system (cart, phono stage) from creating your impression of the best analog you had ever heard?

Ketchup, yes it was the same everything but the table & arm. I suspect it's the mag bearing of the Davinci table that sets it apart from the others.