DK Design users check out Writers Choice Awards

With all the commotion about DK Design Group, I think many of you would like to see the following from the Positive Feedback Online's Writers' Choice Awards for 2004:

"DK Design Group VS-1 Mark II Integrated

When the PFO Writers were asked to name the "most significant product you heard this past year" the choice was a no brainer for me. From the very first time I heard the VS-1 to right this moment (I am listening to my personal VS-1 as I write this), I am still in shock and awe of this component.

If the VS-1 just did an adequate job as an integrated, given it's stunning good looks and overall design, at the cost of $2995; it would still have been a significant achievement. The fact that it has a wonderful mastery of any music played through it, turning each playing into a live performance of stunning realism makes it the best value of this year and perhaps many past ones.

The VS-1 exhibits sheer power, dynamics and a degree of delicacy that it unsurpassed in this price range. I can't think of any component that passed through my listening room that impressed me more than the VS-1 Mark II. (see for more)"

Here is the link to the site:

By the way, I am still totally happy with my VS-1 Mk. 2 Reference. Enjoy!
I would love to see some other mags review the VS1.

Anyone know if there are any in the works????
According to the letters section of there is a review comming out next month. Check this out:

"DK Design Group review?

December 21, 2004

To Doug Schneider,

I'm in the process of changing my current Simaudio Moon I-5 integrated amplifier. One of the products I'm contemplating is the VS-1 Reference Mk II from DK Design Group. May I have an idea of when your evaluation of this unit will be published?

Michel Beauchamp

I'm currently evaluating the VS-1 Reference Mk II in my new, massive listening room. I think this is a product you'll definitely want to check out. Our goal is to have the review with measurements online in February 2005....Doug Schneider"

This is under the following link:
Well it is interesting to note that other magazines will be publishing their findings on this ampplifier.
However I do find it rather amusing that we have to have 'experts' tell us what our ears should be telling for oursleves. Don't we trust our own judgement?
I for one sold my Audio Research SP16 and VS55 for the VS1.
Why? Because it sounds better. To my ears. And that's what really matters.
The only real issue will still be one of long term reliability and service. Who knows if DK Design will be around in 5 years time? But if the quality and sound of they equipment is anything to go by, I would imagine YES.

The lack of "Name brand" seems to be a bit of a phobia. More so among audiophiles who seem by nature to be rather conservative.

Anyway, I am willing to bet that the magazines will only confirm my own ears.
Yes it is a great product. I have listened to it once, and actually compared it to my JRDG model 8. Maybe even the DK design bested it. I used a crappy pre at the audiotion though.
Great product it is.
I have been in the industry for 25 years; and I would go as far as to say publicly that it is unquestionably the most revolutionary product at or near its price, and given that it's an integrated, only makes it more compelling.
It has bested MANY separates out there with ease.
The days of separates, 'death certificates' was signed with the advent of this product!
Audiophiles claim to want the BEST, yet, if the price is a little too low, or not separates, which infer superiority, they hesitate. Better is better, and this integrated has it.
If you can get your hands on one, don't hesitate. Better than the Gryphon at less than half the price, (the 2200).
Uses the same transistors with a tube front in the pre stage, which allows you to "tune" the sound to meet the needs of your system. Ingenious.
Good Listening
Larry, Is this unit powerful enough to handle the Von Schweikert VR 4 HSE? I know you've had them and commented on them with the Spectron Musician 2. How would you compare the two on them on these particular speakers?
The new Musician 2 is wonderful, but that is heresay.
I have yet to put my hands on one.
I know this, the DK is remarkable, and for $2995. almost ridiculously low price.
I am NOT a downward price justification person either. Better is better, regardless.
This amp deserves just about the highest praise one can heap on it. The money ONLY makes it a great bargain.
I am buying one and plan on being very happy saving $$$$, I am also getting sick of this audiophilia stuuf. I just ordered a set of Reimer Tetons, custom made in Wyoming which are GREAT speakers. No retail outlets, built by hand by one man, and they are amazing. I am getting a lot of flak from my audiophile buddies, but I am willing to get used to just enjoying the music. Stop thinking ya gotta spend 10k plus, just to have "name brand" Let YOUR ears decide.


My VS-1 Mark II is due to arrive either Fri. or Mon. Small world isn't it? I also ordered a set of Siemans NOS German NOS CCa tubes. These are suppose to be the ones to do it with. I'm told it will blow my Musical Fidelity Kilowatt 500 Integrated. I guess we woll see. My friend who is a dealer in S. Florida heard a shootout against several respected amps and this bested them all. That DK had the CCa tubes in it.

Have fun Tom
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I spoke to Daniel personally, and he tells me that this is not the case. This IS the Mark II after all, and represents whichever refinements they have been able to incorporate into the new piece.
Early adopters usually take the price hit, a negative; but with this piece, its performance and price, that does not seem to be the issue here.
I know of more than one separates owner, including myself who opted for this after having heard it.
It lacks the cache of the separates, and the bragging rights, but not the musical sound we all covet.
You could do worse; I have many times.
Best to you old friend. BTW, at 43 I was in my third year of playing in a church basketball league, with the all time Leading scorer for in ABA (American Basketball Association) which beat the NBA in face offs more than they lost. Any basketball buffs who can name my hero of the league. By the way I put together a team which beat his previously undefeated team 4 years running. 43, hell you're still a kid.
Tom, funny pathe were on. I have some PW Amperex 6922 holland, and usa to use. I also habe at least 20 more misc pair. Please let me know what ya think when you receive it.

Tvad, I was told that, yes, DK as much in tyhe works, and if ya want mono's I would wait too. But, for me, I bought a package deal.
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OK, now I've seen it all. They're offering couples therapy on the DK website to help us win spouse approval for expensive audio purchases. Notice the woman's facial expression in the picture; I have seen that exact expression on my wife's face. See the couples therapy section at
Larry, please clarify if you have any relationship with DK Design.

While I accept the comments of those here on Audiogon, I will not soon forget your ranting on the Von Schweikert VR2 speaker as also being "revolutionary". It was a sad day when I came to see that you were involved in the company. Your credibility was forever damaged in my mind. And, no, the VR2 were not as you described.

Hopefully, this amp is as everyone seems to be saying, the real deal.
"Larry, please clarify if your have any relationship with DK Design"....

Or any prospective relationship!

I've been curious as well.

I was married for 9 years and together for over 13 years to the same woman and my ex tolerated my obsession for music/equipment. I would end up pacifying her by buying her something also(blackmail). Most women don't give a damn about the equipment they view it as a threat due to the fact that you are showing an emotion towards something other than them? Hey we listen more carefully to recorded music than to our spouses/girlfriends don't we?

Okay, let me generalize and say that some wives are "dream killers" it's a "double standard" as long as they are in control the marriage is okay. How many times have you been shot down with an idea of doing something for YOU only? Sure there are things you do together but don't you work hard for what you have so enjoy it? I have had a girlfriend for over two years who does show an interest in music and sitting down and listening with me! It's a pretty sad state of affair when you have to sneak equipment in or beg them or buy them something just so you can enjoy something that makes you happy! Not trying to stereotype all women beacuse they all aren't like that. Maybe I just view it differently due to the fact my Mom died when I was 7 and my dad raised me so I didn't get brainwashed early? But hey my Daughter is already breaking me down,LOL
Statman, I hear ya buddy. I am one of the lucky ones, but, I used to have other odsessions which were worse, my wife accepts, while she does not like it, YET.hehhehhehe

It's a pretty sad state of affair when you have to sneak equipment in or beg them or buy them something just so you can enjoy something that makes you happy!

Be a man, eh I mean MAN, If she don't like it, get drunk for a week, and see what she likes LESS. Sometimes less, really is more.