I am planning on building a couple on new 15 Amp power cables and would welcome any opinions regarding a short list that I have in mind, either in isolation or via some minor miracle by comparison.

Neotech NEP 3001


Acrolink 7N-p4032 II

Ta Muchly.
Neotech NEP-3001 III  is what I used to make 2 cables up for myself and I also used Furutech Gold plated plugs and SR Blue fuses. I was so surprised at the quality that I can't tell the difference between them and my JPS Kaptovators that I also use. Believe me I was very dismayed when I found that out because over here in the UK I can make up about 4 of my homemades for 1 Kaptovator. I really can't recommend them high enough.
Thanks for your considerations Jim, nice recipe, I am also running 20mm SR Blue's in the power rails of my equipment and a couple of 13 A  Black's into Furutech wall sockets.

The cables I am planning will have Furutech FI-52 NCF with  associated NCF Schuko on the other end .

I may be off, but thought I saw a recent thread where someone had great success using Oyaide cables???  Might have misread it but maybe another option to explore.  Supra is another high value cable I remember hearing good things about, but using other connectors with it.  Best of luck. 
@tsushima1, what components do you plan to use with the power cords? I ask because it makes a difference in the recommendations I would make?
Thanks for the information tsushima1.
The only power cord I've heard of the power cords you mentioned is the FURUTECH FP-S55N. Based on the requirements for those two components you are on the right track, and the S55N would work well. You might consider the FURUTECH DPS-4 but I honestly don't think you would hear a difference, you would just be spending more money.
Should you want a power cord for front-end I find the FURUTECH SO22N (14 gauge) to sound better, more natural.