DIY PC: Anyone need some Belden 83802

After consulting with all the PC gurus I could find around here and the Asylum, I bought 100 feet of Belden 83802 12AWG tinned copper in pure Teflon and wrap, and made 2 dedicated lines and 4 PCs out of it, using ACME duplexes in junction boxes.
I have a few lengths of this terrific bright red fire-wire:
a couple of 5 footers and a 15' or so.
Will swap one for a couple of Schurter IEC or a Wattgate IEC, or for a short XLR IC for my new tuner.
The 83802 comprises 7x20AWG per 12AWG conductor, with braided and foil shields to use as grounds at both ends for line use, and one end for PC use. I made the PCs up with
Hubbell-like Leviton pro-spec plugs ($10 at HD) with Schurter IEC. I finished the PCs with an outer PVC jacket of tubing found at the Depot again at $0.20/ft.
These cables are essentially one of Van Evers (?) designs, and COMPLETELY removed any top end grunge from my already-quiet system. Low-level dnamics seem improved, too.
Will probably now sell that HT Pro AC11 now, as well 1/2 dozen shielded Belden copper 6 footers for $5 each!
Lemme know what your results have been with this 8380x, and whether you need a small length. Cheers.
I could use a 5ft length - what is it worth approx.?
You might be interested in a swap - I have more Furutech rhodium IEC's than I need.
Wow, this disappeared in a hurry...leaving a couple of you stranded (sorry). Seems like there's a need for someone to buy another 100 ft spool of this and sell sections off.
Let me know if this is so, and I'll do it!
Cost me $200, so reselling at $3/ft should not quite make it worth the aggravation, I suppose.
It's great stuff, and clearly more bendable than 83803...even with a nice clear outer PVC slipped over it for looks. Ern