Did I make a cable mistake?

I recently bought a Mark Levinson 515 TT and a 585.5 Integrated amp. The amp replaced an ML 335 because I wanted the phono stage for the new TT. However, due to the placement of the TT it required a 3m interconnect, I bought a set of PH5 Phono Cables from Morrow Audio and they seem to be performing well, but I recently read that the cable from the TT to the phono stage should be as short as possible. So I'm second guessing my decision to have the TT so far from the amp. Moving it within a meter would be a challenge, but not impossible. It would also involve re-cabling part of my HT as the 585.5 handles the front L&R. I have a Ortofon 2M Bronze cart for the time being, but I don't want to be restricted to only MM carts, there is probably an MC cart in this TT's future.

Thoughts & comments?
The MC cart swap and a SUT, it might get a little noisy.

Maybe with med or high output cart. BUT 1 meter is better now and in the future, ay? Stay out of trouble vs Get out of trouble. I'll take the ladder. :-)

Let me get this straight. You are on your third Mark Levinson, and worried that you may have made a mistake with your cables?
Yep, some of us dummies have to learn the hard way. I simply thought that buying a quality interconnect was the right thing to do and, believe it or not, didn’t take into account what appears to be the prevailing wisdom that the cable needs to as short as possible from the TT to the phono stage. Does that show a lack of knowledge, why certainly. But we’re all learning at some level, aren’t we. I’m not one to hide my possible mistakes to the point of not asking for advice, even after the fact. Cheers. 
Morrow is very good about cable returns. The shorter the distance from the TT to stage the better.