Denon DL103 vs Goldring 1042 on a Spacedeck

I have an old Nottingham Spacedeck with a 10'' Spacearm. When I bought it (used) it came with a Denon DL103.
Although someone told me that this cart is not recommended for this turntable/arm (I don't know why but I guess it has something to do with weights and mass), I really enjoy this combination.
Now I have the chance of getting a brand new Goldring 1042 for less than half of the retail price.
Can someone tell me if it worth to make the change?
What should be the difference between these two carts for this turntable/arm set?

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I don't know the answer to your question however I use to own the Goldring 1042 cartridge and I know there is a lot of bang for the buck, it sounds very good.
As it is used and the cartridge probably worn, get the Goldring, at least for the moment. Otherwise, get something like an AT95e or Nagaoka MP110 so you don't hurt your vinyl with a possibly worn Denon.

Goldring 1042 is rather bright  for  acoustic music , a good rock choice .
Last November I bought a used Nottingham Interspace SE with a 9" Interspace arm. I use it with a Zu DL-103 and an Auditorium 23 SUT. I love the combination. The smoothness of the Nott and the punch and dynamics of the Zu is terrific. I listen mostly to indie rock, electronic, and hip-hop. Some classical when the mood strikes.

About a month ago I wanted to try a Goldring 1042 I had lying around in my drawer. Based on the compliance tool on Vinyl Engine, it seemed like the Goldring would be a great match with the Interspace arm. But nope, I didn't like it with my Nott nearly as much. It was very dynamic, warmer than the Zu DL-103, but picked up much more surface noise. The Goldring is also a very low-riding cart, and no matter how much I tried to raise the VTA, even on only very slightly warped vinyl, the back of the cart would make contact with the disc. So that pretty much nixed the whole experiment and back in went the Zu.

My advice would be, forget about the Goldring...get an A23 SUT! It'll do wonders for your Denon.

Btw, this is my first post! I felt like the OP's question was begging for me to answer. :)