Goldring Eroica or Monster Alpha MC?

I am setting up a trade soon (very soon) that will bring me a Music Hall MMf 9 turntable and as part of the swap it will include my choice of two cartridges (both with little use) Either Music Hall Maestro MC (which I was told came with table and is a modified version of the Goldring Eroica cartridge designed for this table's arm) or a currently mounted Monster Alpha MC. One is low output (first) and one is high output but I have access to a decent outboard phono preamp (Musical Fidelity V-LPS). I have been told (not sure about accuracy) that both were similar in cost new and carry about the same average used cost (though cannot verify this)

I will not be able to audition so I was seeking opinions - which would you advise I take in the deal?

Thanks in advance.