denon 2900 or denon 2910

Im looking to buy a used denon dvd player, either the 2900 or the 2910, which one do you think is better, I will use mostly for dvd movie playback and sometimes redbook cd playback, thanks
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I agree about 3910. The 2900 while a very good machine could sometimes be problematic.
2900...problematic? Please elaborate. Thanks.
IIRC, the 2900 does not have DVI or HDMI out if that is a factor. 2910 and 3910 both do.
I remember the early ones having drive problems.
I've owned both the 2910 and, currently, the 3910. Excellent units, especially at their used prices. The video on both is superlative, I'm not sure I detect any difference there. The 3910 does get a slight nod for audio duties, so if you can spend the extra dough (typically an extra $200), spring for the 3910. I plan on keeping mine for *many* years to come...

I 've owned the 2900 and 2910(2 of them).Both 2910's were sold.Even though I rarely use the 2900(it serves as a spare backing up a Pioneer Elite DV 79AVI)I cannot bring myself to part with it.It's built like a tank and I found the video performance to be better than the 2910.The 2910 is a much smaller,lighter unit.The SACD performance of the 2900 is very good and it does a nice job with redbook as well.The larger, heavier 3910 would be of interest but I have never had one.
I have my denon 2900 for the past 6.5 years, it never fails me. Compare with 2910, 2900 has better and sharper picture, I also use it listen to music with my power amp rotel 1090 and my favourite speakers b&w 802. Crystal clear!!! 2900 is my daily use and 2910 as spare. 2900 looks solid and built like tank, can be used for show off. The only downside is - shakes. Put a glass of water beside this machine, you know what I mean.
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