David Byrne & Brian Eno

OK, here I go again touting about some new music that I've bought lately. I've always been a Talking Head fan and this disc is great. Nice with flowing melodies. Just enough electro tech. to make it interesting. David Bryne is very underrated. That guy uh, oh yea Springsteen wishes he could be this talented. Very seductive and mesmerizing. Seems that a lot of good music comming out lately. Also like the Madeleine Peyroux "bare bones" plus, the best of Bill Frisell Vol. 1| Folk Songs. It seems in the hardest times that music is the best. Or maybe I'm just more open to it.
Highlight of Byrne's career for me was 'Fear of Music' and 'Remain in Light'
For Eno it was "Before and After Science"
... But I'd like to check out the new one and see what happens...
Gotta listen again but wan't blown down.Not that "Bush Of Ghosts" was anywhere near TH's "Buildings And Food" or "Remain In Light" which is TH's Magnum opus (damn I wish I hadn't missed that tour with Worel,Belew et al. led ot paired down great Live S.Track to one of best concert films even "Stop Making Sense".

Solo I like "David Byrne" and for Eno "Another Green Wold".Xiekitchen you'd like Cluster or solo work of Roedelius (who with Mobieus,who was more metallic machine driven muisc Mobieus,were Cluster)if your fave was "Befoe And After Science".They were on it.Love the typewriter used as pecussion on Eno's "Takin Tiger Mt".Roxy Music into Eno into his production for TH to U2 Really formed my pre-jazz cosciousness and made others like early Costello and Joe Jackson accesible.Great era.
Great discussion. This may be the first time I've seen "My Life In the Bush of Ghosts' mentioned in Audiogon forums. I usually don't stray that deeply into my fav's for fear of losing everyone.

Heck, I get dissed for mentioning Bjork and she's accessible compared to this album and Scape Records Jan Jelinek.

I love "The Jezebel Spirit," perhaps my favorite cut from that album.
the new disc will grow on you
wish eno had a few lead vocals

if you like this
byrne's last solo album
look into the eyeball was very good
The Catherine Wheel as well

Eno's Warm Jets, Tiger Mountain, Another Green World and Science are all stellar
Fear Thou Not, Albert, you have found the other Illuminati.

Byrne, Eno, Fripp, Sylvian, Czukay, ... (go on, go on) Such incredible musical richness to discover for those willing to listen!

Talking of which, anyone else here indulged in the frippertronic magic of "No Pussyfooting"? I had stretched the envelope before with the likes of Beefheart et.al., with this record it was beyond doubt to my classmates that I had finally left orbit.
I pretty much like everything Eno. I like "My Life In the Bush of Ghosts' but it's not my favorite. I favor "Another Green World" and his other mellower efforts. "Drawn from Life" by Eno and Peter Schwalm is one of the best recordings ever IMO. If you like Eno's stuff and haven't heard it, check it out. Production and sonics are about the best you'll find too.
Anyone else notice that a few cuts from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts were used on the soundtrack to "Wall Street", apparently, Stone is a fan!

Albertporter,I know what you mean. I love Ghost in the Bush and Another Green World. I've learned to let it go when it comes to music. I mean this is real music not just some notes put together. Good melody,lyrics, and someone that can sing like D. Byrne.
D. Byrne and B. Eno really complement each other like P. McCartney/John Lennon, or even D. Fagen/W. Becker.
My favorite David Byrne album is definitely "The Red & the Black" by Jerry Harrison.
Second is "the Knee Plays".
David has not made a studio album yet that equals any of Talking Heads catalog.
Like so many egocentric rock stars, Lennon, Roger Waters, McCartney, Stummer, Jones, Jagger, Peter Wolf, Richards, their solo outings never seem to have that great chemistry of their respective bands best or even worse output.
Jerry, Tina & Chris obviously are a very important ingredient to David's visions, "Naked" for example is the band at its very best.
I miss Talking Heads and the immaculate sound and vision that only the four of them can truly create.
I forgot to mention that Eno is as important to the Heads sound and success as George Martin was to the Beatles. Props to Brian Eno's input and production criteria,
So far, the new one doesn't do it for me - might need some more time with it, though. Talking Heads did some great stuff in their day(The live recordings of Crosseyed and Painless, et al would be the peak for me) but Eno's music always seemed to be just plain amazing. I'm not sure how many records sound as vital as "Taking Tiger Mountain" 30+ years on.


Favorite Lyric:
"Sweet Regina's gone to China, Newsweek on her knee,
While far below, the curlews call from strangely stunted trees"

IMHO, might have worked better with "curlews crow", but - either way - the guy has a knack for the sound of language.
The Byrne/Eno is OK, but sounds mostly like the phoned in performance it is. The real Eno solo album is the new U2.
Dreadhead, Peter Wolf's "Sleepless" is a pretty good solo effort. It's one of my favs. However, for the most part I agree with you.
Philefreak, I don't think Peter Wolf left the J Geils Band to pursue a solo career, something fishy happened there and we may never know the truth. An abrupt end to a fantastic band.