DAC under $550?


I need your help with a recomantion. I am looking to get a DAC for MAXIMUM $550.

I would like to be able to "decode" 24/96 signals, but I am not interested if it is upsampling and oversampling or not.

Can you recommend me something that you liked?

Thank you
The new Channel Island DAC but I think it will be $600.

Happy Listening.
Then there's the host of non-oversampling DAC's. They definitely have their own flavor but many, many consider them more musical overall. There's at least 10 I can think of for under $500. Do a search here, on Audio Circle and on Audio Asylum.

I'm not certain on the 24/96 issue, but the Audio Mirror DAC is somewhere around $550 and sounds as if it should cost multiples more.

Keep us informed.

The "old" channel islands DAC is no slouch and is in your price range.
I concur with that. The new dac from Dusty will be killer for a very reasonable price.
I'd go with Dusty's new Channel Island VDA-2 Dac, bound to be a giant killer, just like his new D series amps.
For $599.00, it's a no-brainer.
There's a preview on Audio Circle with some nice pictures.
If you talking used, you can get a MSB Link DAC with the P1000 power base for that or less. Or I've sometimes seen the Gold Link DAC alone for that.

You may find them with the Nelson upgrades also.