Crossover for active bi-amp mode ML/JBL system

Hi all!
I have ML 326S + pair ML532 + JBL DD66000.
What crossover or crossover-room corrector best for run DD66000 in active bi-amp mode? DEQX HDP-4? Something from Harman? Or, may be, not digital but analogue, like Bryston? Need you help! Thanks!
I can't answer your question, but I love your speakers. One of the best.
This is an inexpensive, and VERY transparent, way to actively bi-amp a system(with the right caps/resistors in it's passive high pass filter):( ( ( Try to find one with the original owner's manual. It's necessary, for it's included chart that directs you on what value caps and/or resistors to use, based on your amp's input impedence. They can usually be found for just slightly over $300.00.
A lot of thanks! Any ideas please!