Crazy question. Any upgraded 2 prong 18 gauge power cords available ?

This is for a Bose 700 soundbar and 500 wireless sub. Just for a out door kitchen/bar.  The power cords are just 18 gauge 2 prong. Does anybody make a thicker gauge in a  IEC C7 configuration?.   It just seems the stock cords look they belong on a clock radio. Probably may not make any difference in SQ but it could. :)




Thanks.  I should have Googled  first !!  Patrick made me a power cable for my conditioner. Good peeps. 

If you already have extra/good power cords on hand pick up a C7/C14 adapter.

I have the following one (purchased years ago), but there are many listed online.


Thanks. Never had a pice of audio equipment with a C7  cord. After looking around they are used quite a bit. Thanks on the adapter idea. 

I used the adapter on a Pioneer CDR approx. 20 years ago.

Regardless of the additional "chink in the chain" the recording quality improved with the addition of a better after market PC.






Benzman - RE:

Probably may not make any difference in SQ but it could. :)

I’ve had lots of experience making power chords for everything from a $300 mini system to systems exceeding $70k.

My Mini system is in the garage and the new cables made a noticeable difference, even in the garage!

I also have one for my Bluesound TV soundbar speaker and the attached sub, and again - it made a noticeable difference.

Of course everything dependes on the quality of the cables

This one from Audio Envy should make a very nice improvement

OE-Lite - Audio Envy

You should hear a significant improvement in dynamics because they use OCC copper and their own cable geometry/insulations which will lower the noise floor and improve clairty and details

Unfortunately, not all power cables are equal, but Audio Envy are perhaps one of the best values for money on the market right now

Are they the best? - no, but they will sound better than most other well known brands on the market

Hope that helps - Steve.



@benzman - I forgot to mention in my post above that "generally speaking" good power cables tend to make more of an audible difference on less expensive gear - like source components.

  • This is mainly due to the fact that high end gear will have a more substantial power supply and as such will require the very best power cable in order to makew an noticeable improvement
  • whereas more affordable components tend to have a more budget oriented power supply, so augmenting them with a good power cable can make a significant improvement

My source components have the very best power cables, with solid silver wires, whereas my amp/distribution panel power cables has UP-OCC copper wire.

Regards - Steve