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DMS 600 Owner review
You are going to love it. Very easy to listen to.  
Suggestions to replace Aurender A10 with something Roon compatible.
I moved on from an A10 to a Cary DMS 600. Does it all and sounds much better than the Aurender. Retails at 6990 but you can expect to pay 4900 or so. Super warm but yet detailed. Wonderful body and weight  I am running direct into Odyssey Kismet M... 
DMS 600 Owner review
Installed an UpTone Etherregen in front of the DMS 600.  This player sounds incredible.  Still using without a pre. Really no need. It sounds that good. 3 volt output vs the usual 2.2 or so for most source components. If this player ever gets a pr... 
Buying in Canada, bringing back to US
I Bought Paradigm Persona  ( Made in Canada) in Windsor and brought them thru with full declaration and there was no duty I believe I still paid normal sales tax ( GST) 
Paradigm Persona 5F
The AKM dac chips are a great match for the Personas. Stay away from the Sabre Dacs as they are tend to lean on the highly detailed/edgy with neutral electronics and a very revealing speaker.the Persona midrange is their strength.... 
Paradigm Persona 5F
I have a pair and really enjoy them. As mentioned do better with warmer electronics.  I am moving into a dedicated space in the next few mos and will see how they really shineHere is a recent reviewhttps://www.audioreputation.com/paradigm-persona-5f/ 
Uptone EtherRegen
Just got mine this weekend. Xfinity modem/router>Ethergen>CaryDMS 600. Cabling is Supra. No need for double blind testing cuz you would have to be deaf not to hear the improvement. Best 640 you will ever spend in Audio  Texture and detail. C... 
Streamers/DACs for Hi Res Streaming
I have a Cary DMS 600 that replaced an Aurender A10. I also auditioned a Lumin T2 and a Gold Note dac/streamer. The Cary is a killer piece that can be bought for much less than the 6990 list price. It just sounds great and you can listen all day l... 
More questions about dedicated lines
Keeping an eye on this thread as I am also building a Dedicated sound/play room. 27 x 18x 10.6. So real close to the Golden Ratio. Duke building my Swarm system as I type. Going with an ISO Max wall system. Mini split system will heat and cool so ... 
DMS 600 Owner review
Crazy as last night I was watching a movie on HBO  thru the Cary’s optical. For 2 channel you would swear you where listening to a surround system. Rock sold center image, fantastic bass and front channels with enveloping sound.  
Network Switches
Local Hi Rez rips and downloads played from a SD card sound 7.5% better than Hi-Rez and MQA from Qobuz and Tidal on my Cary DMS 600Regan coming . Will see if it can close the gap  
Upgrade from Paradigm Prestige to Persona
Forget the center channel. Run phantom with 5fs and you will be glad. Great center image. People come over all the time and say where is the center channel? Plus it gets a speaker out of the way. Try it    
Paradigm Persona the right source matters!
I had Audience Au 24Sx on my 5f’s prior and switched to Cerious Technologies Matrix line. CT Matrix jumpers,but was told not a lot of improvement from bi-wiring. Please don’t tell me there is...... 
Audio Kinesis Swarm Subwoofer Awarded 2019 Golden Ear Award by Robert E. Greene
I sent my deposit into Duke last weekThis system is going to absolutely kick ass in a Golden ratio room with an Iso wall system ! ! 
Looking at Anthem preamp. Do I need it? Also the Innuos Zenith (Zen?) and or Lumin T2?
Try a Str preamp and a used Aurender N100h The Aurender will give you the ability to store local files and is a rock solid streamer. If you want no storage a N100 can be had fo 1300-1400. Just use the dac in the Str.  Room correction a big plus in...