Cowboy Junkies "Open" opinions

I just got the new album today and I'm not very enthusiastic. The first five cuts are what I'd describe as acid grunge, not to my liking. Track six is good but seems out of context with the rest of the album, but from at least here on it is more enjoyable. I like track nine the best. I listened twice through using tube electronics and once with solid state, much better with tubes. My current preference for seven albums I have are #1 "Lay It Down", #2 "Black Eyed Man", #3 " The Trinity Session", #4 "Whites off the Earth Now", #5 "MIles from our Home", #6 "Cresent Moon", #7 the latest "Open". Margo has such a great voice that I don't know why they don't display better.
Rhljazz; Interestingly, I have all of Cowboy Junkies CDS, and my three favorites are not even on your list. I like 1) "Caution Horses", 2) "Waltz Across America", 3) "Studio, 1975-86. But I still like those you've listed. I don't have "Open" yet-- it's on order.

ALL the CJ's CDs that you and I list sound great on my system, and I'm looking forward to getting "Open". Cheers. Craig.
Got my "Open" CD today too. I sort of skipped through the first 3-4 cuts, and I didn't think I had the time or patience to check out the rest. My wife is a Junkies freak too, and she sort of had the same feling. I hope when I really get to sit down and listen to it that it sounds better, but from the little I heard, it quite a departure, and sounds like Michael is off into some different genre or experimentation. Maybe I'll get a chance to post a followup after I listen. By the way Rhl, was your copy signed? We had an "advance" e-mail notice of the release that stated the first 500 CD's ordered would be signed. We ordered right away, but alas, no autographs.
Greetings gentleman, after reading your posts I am more anxious to listen to the new CD. I am also waiting to receive mine in the mail. Garfish, when you receive yours be sure to post you thoughts, I am curious to read what you have to say. I know you are addicted to the Junckies :-)
i got a promo copy of "open" a couple of weeks ago. for those still awaiting delivery, here are my gratuitous thoughts:

if you're hoping for another "waltz across america" or "trinity sessions," you'll be in for a big disappointment. in my view, most of "open" is overproduced, as tho the junkies are trying to reach out for fans of radiohead. on a number of cuts, margo's voice is nearly drowned out by tizzy sounding instruments. there are a few good pieces reminiscent of earlier stuff that make the cd worth having. perhaps this recording will grow on me with more playings. i'm glad, tho, it's not their first endeavor; were it so, there'd likely be many fewer followers of this sometimes great band. -kelly my above post, it should be "Studio, 1986-95". Puddles; I also ordered right away from the Junk Store-- maybe I'll "get lucky" and get a signed copy. I didn't know they were doing that.

Cornfed; re your comments above, their new CD sounds not so good (no pun intended), but hope springs eternal. No? I did like SOME of their more far-out stuff on "Waltz Across America, but not all of it. I'll keep my powder dry for now. Cheers. Craig
Where can I find Waltz Across America. I thought I had all the CJ albums. Can't find this album on amazon or cdnow....
newintown: you should be able to find "waltz across america" at your local record store. if you wish to order online try:

goo listening.- kelly
Newintown: I orderd the majority of my CJ CD's from Maple Music. The prices are in Canadian dollars, so the US equivalent is under $10 per CD.
Yep, I see what you mean Cornfedboy, I received my CD in the mail today and agree with your thoughts.
I like the new CD on a whole, but do not care for the voice mix and wish that they would have taken the time and energy for "open air" recording as has been done in the past. Hopefully this was just an experiment and will not set a standard for the future. The engineering work sounds like a bad Jefferson Airplane album to me.
Lak; I'm beginning to get PO'ed-- no CJ CD yet, and not only that, above posts suggest it's "poor". I'm hoping for a signed copy;>) Craig
Garfish, I know you ordered your copy a long time ago. I ordered mine after I read your post about the new CD. I hope it works out well for you! I also think Dekay makes a good point, the potential is there however the way the tracks were mixed and the volume levels are not to my liking, unless it should start to grow on me, I'll keep an open mind.
My copy just showed up yesterday and I ordered later on, so the others should be showing up shortly. Now having listened to the CD 6 times, I like it. It is just a departure from the open mike live sound of their other albums and does not favor the vocals. They are still good tunes just not good recordings.
Rhljazz; I've just got to add my two cents worth to this thread. I finally got the CJ "Open" CD, and I agree with all those who have expressed disappointment in it-- no signed copy either %#@*%!@. I don't even know how to describe it's generally poor character, but then I've only listened to it once.

The only tracks that are similar to the music that made them famous are #s 6, 8, 9, 10. I think mostly the recording does not have that rich, lush, quality that characterizes Margo Timmins voice and CJ music in general. And of course the weirdness of many of the songs. I'll remain a staunch fan though, and just hope their next effort is better. Cheers:>( Craig.
Hey Garfish, I'm starting to warmup to this a little bit on the first five tracks. The recording certainly isn't very clean and has a nasty top end, this on a very forgiving tubed preamp/amp combo, pity the the listener with solid state electronics, especially on track three, must send them scurrying for the volume control or out of the room. I don't know if you're tubed or SS. I'm also going to try to track down the other albums you have that I lack. Thanks for the input.
Open is destined for a long shelf life along with some other very disappointing CDs in my collection.My system is revealing but in no way bright.... to me all but two songs sound like nails down a chalk board.
I just listened to the the Trinity sessions. I am a first time listener of the Junkies. What an awful recording! Ultra high noise level. It sounded like an industial fan was emanating behind her voice especially on the first cut. She does have an excellent voice although pop country is not my favorite style of music.
Snook: Yes, the mike used on the first cut is obviously not super directional, but the recording really does not bother me at all as this is what I recall most live music sounding like. I also like the instruments and the vocals to blend a bit in this manner. If you are game for another CJ title maybe try "The Caution Horses" next. I have a promo CD of The Caution Horses tour (9 songs recorded live, "Europe 1990" which was produced in Italy) that is made up of horrible recordings, but I still listen to it often as many of the songs are my favorites.