Correct belt size for Thorens TD 125 MK II

I need to purchase a new belt for my TD 125 MK II. It's in a repair shop right now, so I can't look at my old belt - it may have stretched, in any case, so I don't know if I could trust the measurement.

There are a few on-line sources for this, and most don't mention size, but two websites do, and they don't "agree" on size. Here are the two sizes I see:


So, just as having two clocks makes it harder to know the exact time, I find myself wondering how to be sure I will get the right belt. One of these retailers has it wrong.

I could try asking all the retailers, but I hope someone here can help me first. I looked trough the manual and service manual pages that I got off the Internet, but there is no mention of belt size there.

Hope someone can help!

My well used belts measure in the 21.3"-21.4" range.

Try new flat belts (.2" wide X .025" thick) in the 20.0" 20.7" range.

Thanks for your feedback. I assume you mean 2 cm wide. ;-)

You said your belt is "well used", and bigger than the larger size I mentioned, but close. I'm new to this issue, so I don't really know how fast these belts wear out, and how they affect speed.

I'm getting the pulley replaced on my table because its wobbliness has caused speed variations. The belt could have an affect on this, but I'm not sure how much the size variation indicated by the sellers would affect speed.
call needle doctor

I meant .2" which per my memory would be around 5 millemeters and/or .5 centimeters, please double check this.

I did a lazy "outside" measurement of the used belts (my bad), so take away a bit (the measurements S/B IC based).

This said, 21.2" would slip upon startup with minimul use, IMO.

Considering that your deck has already experienced stress/wear (pully replacement) I'll suggest you go with the upper range belt length mentioned (20.7").

I'll probably do the same the next time I purchase belts, even though the deck has low hours (considering its age of course).
Some burglars dropped it a long time ago. Who knows why the pulley is messed up. I really didn't pay attention to the speed problem till I started recording digitally.

The is where I see the 21.2 option (FM 21.2). I emailed Tim about an ordering question yesterday, and he hasn't answered yet.

I just got off the phone with someone at Needle Doctor. The guy said I need the "Thorens standard belt", which is "about" 20 inches.

So , that's interesting isn't it? Why does specify 21.2?

Needle Doctor wants about $25 for what they claim is an authentic Thorens belt. Turntablebasics wants only $10. Maybe it is a more generic one.

The two belts measured are generic, but I don't recall the online vendor as they were purchased years ago.

I just did a WWW seach and see what you are up against (19.6" - 21.2" IC range).

I've used slightly wider belts in the past and though they cleared/played fine they dulled the sound a bit compared to the .2" version.

You received a reply @ the Thorens Forum, but I do not understand what the measurements/specs pertain to, even though I translated the page to English.

If you figure it out please post @ the Thorens Forum (just registered there and was not aware of it before).