Phono cable for Thorens TD 320 MK III

I am thinkg of upgrading the interconnect cable of my
Thorens TD 320 MK III turntable. Can something like this be done on this particular TT? (There is no plug for ICs on the TT side, they are fixed). Is it worth the effort and the
money for such an upgrade on this class of a TT?
Any recommendations/opinions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.
Diavlos: what's the arm? Changing the cable on the Thorens supplied one is finicking but well worth the trouble. You'll get the technician to run it through from cartridge straight to pre rca's. V d Hul, Clearaudio are good cable choices -- there are many others.

Good luck!
Hi, Greg.

First and foremost, I would like to thank you
for your response.

My TT have the standard Thorens tomearm that comes with it
and a Benz Micro (Glider, year 1996) cartridge.
I need a little clarification regarding the phono cable
installation. Will the Van der Hull or Clearaudio cable have to be modified at all? or it just has to follow the path through the tonearm to the cartridge? is there any soldering involved?

Thanks again.
I had my audio dealer modify my Rega 3 years ago this way with cardas wire in the tone arm going to a cardas conversion box that has female cardas rca plugs, and a separate wire coming out of the arm base underside for the ground. This works great for me and I use an ensemble set of interconnects. Yes, there was soldering involved to the rca's. You may want to check out a cardas dealer.
Hi Diavlos, yes to soldering (see X above). However the arm cable does not need to be modded (it has 4 wires & a mesh); you have to thread it through the arm, securing it in the back of the arm. Then you can terminate in a little box (as Xiekitchen), or, using a longer length, terminate with rca's direct. It may pay to get a technician to do this...

I like the Glider.
Good luck!
Sorry I forgot: this can be an expensive undertaking -- between $100-200 is my estimate. This money COULD buy you another arm (used SME maybe?)