Thorens TD124 vs Sota star sapphire

Opinions on SOTA vs restored Thorens TD 124
Both are great looking and sounding decks (or in the case of the TD-124, can be with enough love, time and $$$). Which is better for you I think will largely depend on the following factors:
1- Do you want or require a deck w/ an active suspension system?
2- Do you want or prefer a belt-drive deck or an idler wheel drive?
3- Do you want a deck that you can setup and (pretty much) leave alone, or one that you can routinely and obsessively tweak and adjust?
4- Do you want a deck that you can (relatively) easily mount a 12" tonearm, or multiple tonearms?
5- Style - do you prefer the mid-century or 1980s look.

Seriously, it's all good. Specifically, what are you looking for in a turntable?

If you are discussing a new Sota Star Sapphire, I dont think you can find a better turntable overall than that. The vacuum hold down works, without putting excess load on the bearing. The speed regulation is excellent and the workmanship without fault. the suspension system is without peer at its price or considerably more. I have owned a number of Stars, and now use a Cosmos, which is just a Star on steroids. they are set and forget, if thats what you want. Get the Cosmos armboard if you want, and the clamp is the best in the business.