convergent jl2 or arc ref 600 for my eidolons?

I actually use eidolons with jl2, with very good results. now I have the possibility to buy a used pair arc ref 600; who has heard this combination with my eidolon's?
thank you very much!
what's about the arc ref 600? nobody can tell me somewhat about'? is this amp still in production?
than you.....
Never heard the arc ref 600's before. Robert Harley loved the Eidolon/ARC combo. I have my Eidolon's matched with a Rowland 302 - this combo is fanstastic and the best I've ever heard with Eidolons.
Costanzia, as you're probably aware Robert Harley (now editor of TAS) used the Ref 600 when he did his review of the Eidolons several years ago. He liked the combination then. I own Eidolon's, but I use Atma-Sphere MA-2s with them and cannot comment from direct experience on the Ref 600 or your JL2s. I suspect the problem is that not many of us have heard the specific combination you're asking about.
Hello Costanzia,

I'm in the same boat as the others who responded. The closest I can get is I did compare the ARC VT-200 to the BAT VK 60 mono-blocks and much preferred the BAT amps to the ARC. I have since moved on to the BAT 150se mono-block amps with the Eidolons and soon will be using the BAT 150se mono amps with the Eidolon Diamonds.

The CAT Jl2 and Eidolons from what I've heard is a great combination. I think the move to the ARC might be just a lateral move for you. You might want to look into the big Atma-Sphere OTL amps, or the big Joule OTL amps. Plus it is obvious I think the BAT 150se is a great combination with the Eidolon. Another consideration would be to upgrade to the Eidolon Diamond instead of an amp change.

Good luck to you in your search.

thank you very much, guys, for telling me your experience. I am waiting for the diamond's...
thank you very much, guys, for telling me your experience. I am waiting for the diamond's...
You will love the Diamonds. Hard to believe, but a significant step up from the Eidolons.
Hi Costanzia,

Great choice! My Diamonds should arrive next week.

Can't tell how anxious I am, it's been a long two months.

All the best to you!!

I've had the same setup as you for the last 12 month now. Eidolons on a JL2 connected to an Audio Aero Capitole CD. Although I'm not happy with the JL2 technically (hums, nearly burned the house, had to be repaired within weeks, ..), I cannot complain sonically.

When designing the system I've also auditioned the ARC 600 (not sure about the REF) at a dealer on some large Thiels in a horribly treated room. Although better than their Gryphon Reference (solid state), I wasn't impressed much. No gain over the JL2.

If you want to spend some funds to improve things, I would recommend (in this order):

- Room treatment. In my opinion every dollar spend here, is worth 10 times more than a dollar spend on overpriced amps.
You can't beat the simple physics.

- Dedicated power line for your stereo. This was an eye opener for me. $80 spend here equalled $5000 spend for amps.

- Audition the Audio Aero Capitole CD. The digital volume control and tube output are doing it for me.

Enjoy the music!
Dear Costanzia:The Eidolon are a very revealing loudspeakers, so, you have to look for an amplifier that don't degraded the signal or degrade it the less. If you continue with tube electronics I can't see why you have this kind of speaker, let me explain it: when an audio signal goes inside a tube this one produce ( by itself ) harmonics at audible levels that does not exist on the recording: that's what you want? or you want to hear what is on the recording. Other subject on the same: any tube amplifier really function like a very expensive equalizer: it changes the frecuency response according to the changes in the speakers impedance.
The question is: why any one invest on a top performer speakers like the Eidolon ( expensive, too ) for to hear a sound that is totally degraded and false from what is in the recording ?.
If you care about music then you have to buy an amplifier like ( example ): Pass XA 200, that degrades less and at least does not function like an equalizer.
Regards and always enjoy the music.