A Lamm amp with Avalon Eidolons?

I'm looking for the right amps for my new Avalon Eidolons, and am considering the Lamm M1.1 or M2.1. But there's nowhere in these parts where I can audition them. I'd welcome your suggestions and experience.
write to vladimir directly i will tell you exactly wich one you should buy,he really know's his amp
Not trying to be a smarty or anything, but with amps that costly, I would find a dealer close to you, and pop for airline tickets. These days you could probably do it for less that $200. That amount pales when you consider what you are about to pay for the amps. While your there try to incorporate some aspect of your business life and write it off.
Eidolons need power. They do best with 200-300 w/ch of solid state, high current drive. I have no direct experience but would discount the Lamm 1.1. Be certain to hear the combination and talk to the factories and/or dealers who carry both.
I ran my Eidolons w/ the Accuphase A-50V amp. Of course this is a class A design with considerable current capability (although that spec is not available) given its wattage (50 wpc). I find the Avalon designs are so transparent that they are enjoyable at what many may consider background levels. I moved up to the Diamonds a year ago and do find them to be considerably livelier- do most of my listening at less than 10 wpc (as indicated on the display of the Accuphase).
I'm also running my Eidolons with the Accuphase A-50V. Linkster is correct, the Eidolons require lots of current. You might also try the Boulder 1060, but IMHO the A-50V edges it slightly. Audio Unlimited in Denver has both amps available for audition. I'm not an employee, just a highly satisfied customer.
Try the ART SLA-1 amp. Even if you don't mod it, it is better by far than the amps mentioned above. I have listened to all of them except the Boulder. Though I mod this amp I am very sincere when I say that WITHOUT the mod it is still better than 95% of the mega buck offerings out there. For $190.00 street you can't miss. And yes, I have owned amps costing over $14000.00. I know the Eidolon and I know this amp will outperform anything I can easily name. d911