Goldmund 29 vs. 28.4 for Eidolons

Which is better to drive Eidolons in a relatively small listening room?
cjpark-IMO, based on a great deal of listening to eidolons (i own a pair) with numerous electronics, the accuphase a-50v is a much better choice than either of the goldmunds. i highly recommend this amp. -cfb

Do you think accuphase a-50V is enough power to drive Eidolons or does one need something like p-1000(?), one that is more powerful than a-50V? Have you listen to the goldmund (which?), pass X350, burmester 911s. How about the best matching pre-amps? What amps/preamps do you want to use for yours. I would appreciate your thoughts on this very much.

Goldmund, Accuphase, Rowland--any of these three brands are so musical sounding, best solid state. I have heard all three mentioned favorably on Avalons by owners. Surprisingly, the amps Avalon seems to prefer--Spectral--these I have heard on Eidolons and didn't like it at all. Having owned Rowland amps before, I can confidently recommend them as worth your consideration though. A current MC-6 or now-discontinued 8Ti would have MORE than enough juice to manhandle the Eidolons.

PS--from first poster, I too have heard new Millenium amps from Goldmund are a significant improvement over prior Mimesis version amps. Haven't had the pleasure of hearing them myself though.
I had a Goldmund 29 driving Kharma Ceramique 1.0s a design somewhat similar to the Avalon but with a series crossover. The amp is superb; I cannot identify a weakness; it really was transparent. Only sold it since I travel and never use it and I replaced it and the rest of the system with a Tact Millennium M2 to make do. The Tact is phenomenal as well; shockingly. I have a Rowland Model 2 with battery in my small room. Rowland is good but I think Goldmund is better. Accuphase is a bit warm (folks have the E407 and DP65V). If you're concerned about resale or service down the road, go with Rowland since they are here in the US. 8TIHC is a good rec. A50 may be underpowered despite it's huge transformer.