Consonance cyber 845 bias setting

The instruction manual does not explain how to set the bias of this amp.
Help anyone
Yes, it does. It's very simple. Look at the picture on page 4 of the manual. You need a voltmeter. It should read 4.8 VDC.
My old pal Trelja who is an Agon member might be able to help you as the former distrinutor. Is Grant Fidelity the current US distributor?
I believe Grant Fidelity is the current distributor but Ian Grant is quite ill so not sure how much support you will get there. Worth a try. However, I'd go to the GF forum over at AudioKarma for help.
Thanks, Doctor.

It's actually an incredibly simple process. You need a 1/4" phono plug with two leads coming off of it so you can connect your voltmeter. Adjust to 4.5V. 4.8V would be OK too, but I would advise against going higher than that.