Hamonic Technology Cyberlights opinions

Anyone tried this cable types ?
As I saw, because they are discontinued, the price are reduced considerably.
Could you compare with other cables ?
Do you really recomend the Inex Battery Pack ?
Please let me know your experience and opinions.
I had the Cyberlights interconnects P2A from APL mod player to Amp (no preamp was used). The idea was good no wires inside of the cables. New tech, I'm game.

At first I liked them alot. I used it with my APL 3910 player.
Every now and then there would be a huge rush of hiss from one of the interconnects. I really tried to find out what was happening, because it didnt happen all the time. And it didnt happen with other equipment , just the APL Modded unit. I sent them back to HT and Jim Wang could find nothing wrong with them.
Finally I had enough and sold them.
I think they are very system dependant. I have also read that many others had similiar problems with various equipment.

I have recently seen in magazines that there is a new version direct from the manufacturer (not thru HT) that the interconnects plug directly into its own mono amplifier, thus eliminating, preamp , Amp and all those wires.
Perhaps they have worked the bugs out.
I use the Cyberlight digital cable. I'm very impressed, especially with the latest battery pack. I had one a while back w/o the battery and while I liked it a lot, ultimately sold it in favor of the Stealth Sextet. But with the new battery, the tables have turned for me. The naturalness, clarity and openness is really special, at least IMS.

No noise for me in this application. Haven't heard the regular ICs though. And now HT has a second generation out, which I also haven't heard. The reviewer at Positive Feedback really liked them....