Anyone had experience with Opera Audio Cyber 211?

I am considering purchase of these monoblocks but have not heard them. Anyone with first hand (ear) experience with the sound quality (tone, detail, sound stage etc.) of these puppies please share your opinions.

Also known as the Consonance Cyber 211..... anyone?

I hsd one and was not crazy about it. You can do much better for the money. Cool looking chassis but really cheap transformers.
So... any others have input or are these amps just so so and not worth the 5K price tag?
Hello Tickfight,

I haven't had the pleasure of listening to them but have heard only good things before this thread. Try to lookup member revbrian on agon. I am pretty sure that he is using them in his system. I would email him if I were you.
Very nice looking, even very striking, however, lacks low bass as well aslower midrange richness, seemed somewhat veiled, and seemed to lack an extended high end compared to Canary,PP 309 300bs, as well as a pair of Modded Consonance M500s. The 211s seem to have obtained very favorable reviews,which I cannot fathom. These reviews were why I purchased without auditioning a pair, which the last time I will do that. My pair was new, sealed in boxes with the latest caps from the factory. I also upgraded all tubes to NOS GE 211s, and inputs, but still disappointing considering the costs involved.

I was also very disappointed with the then Distributor's and factory's attitude as my new pair was purchased from a dealer who had fallen into disfavor, (he sold at discount,) so all factory warranties were revoked on my amps, even though that same distributor had imported my particular pair into the US, and the seller had purchased them from him as a Consonance dealer in good standing. The dealer did warrant them, and I had no problems with the amps so far as reliability goes.

Considering all of the above, and the price being charged at retail, ($6500.00) they were a disappointment, even at my PP of half of that.

Go Figure.