Conrad Johnson ET-3 vs Premier 10/14 ?

Has anyone experience listening to the Premier 10 or 14, and the newer ET-3? I have owned a Premier 10 and loved it, but wished for just a touch more treble air without losing the rich midrange and lack of brightness/etch. I am not looking for the last bit of neutrality and detail. I am more into musicality and lower midrange energy is critical to me. Can't stand thin midrange or any brightness, but want my cake and eat it too... would like to have as much top end extension/air as possible without losing the foregoing! Any idea how the ET-3 might compare?

I listen to a lot of acoustic jazz and classical piano, but also old and new rock. System: CEC transport, highly modded Entec Number Cruncher (the old, good Entec brand), CJ MV-60 amp, Quad ESL-63s, pair of Vandersteen 2wq subs. Cardas Golden Cross interconnect and Kimber 8TC speaker cable.
Thanks for thoughts!

I have owned Premier 14, 16 and ET-5.

Based upon your preferences I would recommend you audition the Premier 17 or 16
I thought I had read that the 16 was much closer to neutral than the older (14 and earlier) or the 17? Can you tell me why you think the 17 might be better than the 14 or CT-3?
Also, I really don't want to pay for a 17, so interested in ET-3 vs Premier 14 if anyone can comment.
I have not heard the ET-3 but used a Premier 14 for a long time and think it is a great preamp. Not a lot of tube rolling opportunities with the 6gk5 tube. The best ones I heard was a mix of hitachi and mullard which are inexpensive and readily available. Last time I bought tubes from CJ there were offering all GE's.

I think it is a musical pre but with a little less of the CJ "glow" than earlier models. It seems more and more innovation in this industry is going for resolution and my guess is the ET-3 fits that bill, especially with the teflon caps. Hope this helps.
Yes Pops, it seems the drive toward detail and resolution is difficult to stop. I think the Premier was a good balance in my system, but I have the MV-60 and Quads too, so plenty of warmth and musicality there. I wish I knew whether the ET-3 was significantly more neutral in the mids than the Premier 14. I'm hoping it has similar midrange and a bit more treble extension.
I can vouch for the ET-3. I heard it in a combo w/ the CJ classic sixty-six and B&W 802 loudspeakers. The sound was outstanding, in the least. Highly suggested, plus, it can be upgraded to the ET-3 SE w/ teflon caps.
My friend sold his Shindo for the ET-3. He now has the et-5

If you can find a used prem16 IMO and that would be sensational for the price. Warmth, extension, musicality, it has it all.