Connectivity Problems

Hi All,
Recently, I hauled my behemoth ASR Emitter Exclusive amp to the technician to have four WBT Nextgen speaker binding posts installed in the right channel. The reason; I’d been experiencing connectivity issues where the signal would cut off and on, or all together off, or I’d get crackling and a pop here and there in my right Quad. Of course, before I bought a set of binding posts and loaded the amp in the SUV, I switched between speakers and every cable combination. I had also been in correspondence with Herr Schaefer of ASR and was following his suggestion to replace the right channel binding posts.
So recently I got my amp back home and I am experiencing the same issue. The current speaker cables I’m using are older Hi Diamond, eight gauge cables with banana plugs. These cables underwent repair about seven months ago as I thought they may have been the reason for my problems. I wanted to try connecting them via bare wire but the large cable size is making that impossible. Anyway, I’m concentrating on the cable connection because Herr Schaefer suggested that I use forks instead of plugs. My local audio store has agreed to loan me another pair of cables with spades to see if it makes a difference.
I need to add that my tech did not test the amp because I decided not to bring him my power supply and battery. I wimped out given that the battery and power supplies are as heavy as the amplifier. Once the COVID vaccine is available and my tech has gotten his shot, I’ll be able to get him to make a house call.
Has anyone had this type of occurrence and are their any insights into what might fix them?

Happy Holidays!
I forgot to add;
What’s very odd is that whenever I play the Ayre Acoustics ‘Irrational but Efficacious’ enhancement and test cd, the problems get worse.
For example, I could have a stretch where the signal seems to have stabilized and then if I play that cd, the issues become greater to where the signal is cut.
Please let us know what speakers and cd player (make and model)?
Do you own a headphone amp or another pair of speakers?
An internal problem with the amp/power supply! 
roberjerman, I have no issue with the left channel. It wouldn’t be the battery or power supply. What could be the issue with the right channel?
Sounds like a cold solder connection in the right channel. 
stereo5, that makes sense but I just brought it home from my tech. 
stereo5, I wasn’t thinking, I guess my tech would need to be able to test the amp in order to correct a cold solder joint.

I had the exact same problem with a Classe' CAP 150 integrated amp.  It went back to the factory 3 times for various cold solder connections.  Classe', finally replaced the entire board after the third attempt to fix it.  Let me tell you, 3 trips to Canada for a 50  pound amp gets very expensive fast.  It took a personal call to Glen Grue @Classe' to finally get a replacement board at which time he admitted there were a lot of QC problems with my particular amp.  After I got it back, I used it for a few months, then sold it here.

I’ve had this amp since 2011 and never had a problem until approximately one year ago. Initially I thought it was a cable problem, then a transport problem, then I was told to replace the binding posts and now I need to give it back to the tech but with the battery and power supplies so he can test it.

Sending it back to Germany is a last resort. Herr Schaefer of ASR is of the mind that the problem can be identified on this side of the Atlantic. Hopefully the issue will be resolved by my tech, we shall see.