Compatitble tube preamp w/Krell KMA-160's

I haven't used a piece of tube equipment since I stripped my folks console stereo back in the 1970's, but am looking to get into a premium 2-ch tube preamp-I think. I currently have a pair of Krell KMA-160 monoblocks driving a set of Wilson Maxx's (series II). I have read some threads that indicate certain mis-matches between brands. I will eventually want a phono stage (a whole other set of questions-see analog threads), but need to know a good 2 Channel tube preamp-possibly a hybrid. I have heard, because I have fast class A bias amps, I would want a tube/solid state preamp to "keep up" with my Krells. I know nothing about tube brand names or the sound of different types of tubes. I'm wanting a warm, but very dynamic sound, and again, will eventually want a phono stage. All you tube experts out there-lend me your ears-and opinions.
I'm really surprised at all the responses I received on this question. It's good to see so many who are willing to commit to an opinion.
Hello Handymann - I will share a suggestion with you for a preamp in this system - the VAC Renaissance should be perfect for what you need. It has XLR ins and outs, can have a great phono stage, has a remote, is fast, has great harmonics in the mids and great extension at the frequency extremes. When paired with s/s amps, it will add just a touch of warmth without any sonic drawbacks. All of VAC's designs are very low heat/long tube life designs and VAC has excellent customer support should the need EVER arise. Good Listening!
I will pipe up here!

The Krell KMA 160s are one of a handfull of classic audio products that deserve a place in Breuninger's Audio Hall of Fame- compare to a 65 Mustang or 67 Camaro.

They produce a wonderful round and dimensional sound and would fair best with a cool and accurate tube preamp such as a Wyetech or Audio Research. I ran a pair with a Motif MC-7 and it was a perfect match. Those Krells are keepers and when you find the right preamp you will enter audio Nirvana.

I was going to suggest Convergent Audio w/phono which I've heard with various Krells, including the KMA-160's, and they do sound fabulous together. But... the suggestion for a somewhat current VAC might be even better since you could use XLR's which would probably lower your noise floor a bit. Either combination would make beautiful music!
Atmasphere or Sonic Frontiers?
Thanks to all of you who answered. Have any of you had any experience with the YS brand Audio Experience A2 or A2-SE. It has 2-12AT7's & 1-5687WB in each channel. It has both single ended as well as balanced inputs/outputs. It doesn't match the quality of the Krells for sure-just wondered. Also, since it sounds like some of you have the "160's", at what age would you suggest a "CAP" or general Overhaul? I have been very pleased with these amps.
Read the Krell manual regarding the use of tube equipment, In the past I owned a Krell FPB 200 stereo amp and I had to open it up and remove two jumpers before using it with a tube pre.