Comparison of B&W N802 vs. 803D

The Dealers seem to be split on the performance of these two B&W models. I have the opportunity to buy either one in excellent pre-owned condition, though the 803D will cost an additional $1,000. My room is 20'Wx26'Dx10'H with good acoustics. Is there a clear sonic winner here? or is it too close to call, leaving asthetics and the purchase price to be the deciding factor?
Have you ever heard Eminent Technology 8s? Only $1500 NEW, they'll sound lots more spacious and better for orchestral works (IMO, of course).

If you like pop stuff, either of the B&Ws will do. Are you particularly sensitive to the quality of treble? If so, go for the '3D. If not, the '2 will have better bass power and extension.
I have not heard the 803D but did a direct comparison between the N803 and N802 and the N802 was clearly superior in the bass and mid-range. The Marlan enclosure for the mid driver in the N802 should not be disregarded. I would expect that plus the more complex cabinet of the N802 to make a greater difference in a room of your size than the diamond tweeter in the 803D.
The new tweeter makes all of the difference in the world. I spent several hours with the N803D and what is produced was just music with no fatigue. I find the tweeter on the older series fine at first but it begins to wear on you after awhile. I'm really impressed with the new line-up. To me, B&W crossed a threshold with the new design. I would buy the N803D and supplement it with a sub if I found the need latter.