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You had Theta in the past, what did you move onto?
Trinnov is hugely expensive without the performance to show. With Theta, to say that someone switched and prefers the new processor is not as straight forward a statement as you might think. Many guys who owned the processors with the Premium dacs... 
In what ways is Mark Levinson better than Krell?
@68pete Which Krell amps?  
Gryphon Diablo vs. McIntosh C2700/MC611
@lewl28 Although the Mcintosh Como is more expensive, nothing holds it's value better than Mcintosh if  you ever decide to sell.  
Theta out of business again
Thanks for pointing this out. Sometimes companies get busy with the big things that they forget to do the "housekeeping."  Theta got the website back up after your catch.  
audible illusions vs supratek, vs holoaudio vs backert
Whatever you do stay away from Audible Illusions. Great sound but, you may want to sue them if it breaks. Service is that bad. Worst I've ever seen.  
Lyngdorf MP-50 Alternative
Theta Casablanca V. Pure analog bypass. Dirac 3 and better specs than any processor discussed.,Has ARCe too. 12 channel digital out as well   
Do we really know what "Live" music sounds like?
I do and well. I married into a family of Jazz musicians. Also, I lived in the French Quarters where many bands would perform on the streets with no amplification. NOT ON BOURBON street, Frenchman Street. Never heard much good music on Bourbon, to... 
What In Ceiling (Atmos) Speakers Integrate Best with Krell LAT Home Theater System?
Do you know the brand of tweeter used? That is what will help make the ceiling speakers blend the most. Dan was a big fan of Sonus Faber, hence the grills. I have no idea if they match the tonal quality of Sonus Faber speakers.  
Theta GEN VIII and Sigma SSP
I love mine. I am using 3 Theta Gen VIII s3 dac/preamps for surround and two channel.  
Best SS Amp - Pass Labs X350.8 vs. Luxman M900u vs. Ayre VX-R Twenty
I am doing music and home theater with Krell XD amps. I get the extreme dynamcis with movies and natural sounding highs and mids with music. I love these amps. I"ve owned most of the major brands and all amps have some sort of compromise especiall... 
Krell DUO 300 XD vs Krell Solo 575 XD
I use McIntosh XR200 speakers. The 300 Duo XD is extremely dynamic with my speakers. Deep tight bass. I don’t hear fans from my seating location. Absolutely love the Krell sound. I’m not interested in other amps, just upgrading within this line. 
Krell DUO 300 XD vs Krell Solo 575 XD
Not just more power. Same sound. Love the sound. I wouldn’t want to upgrade to play louder. You are sure upgrading would be noticeable ? Any experience with amps 
Class D Purifi Eigentakt / Mark Levinson 333 / Benchmark AHB2 - Listening & Conclusion
Thanks for taking time to both do the comparison and detail it here! 
Need some feedback on the REL 212SE Subwoofer
Thanks. I may stick with Martin Logan. I've been happy with the brand. I recommended Martin Logan to a friend and he loves his two Balanced 210s. I'm building a new room which is not too big, 20x15x9. Front speakers are Mcintosh XR200 run by a Kre... 
Need some feedback on the REL 212SE Subwoofer
barnettk, are you still happy with your subs? I am a former Descent owner and trying to decide which way to go with new subs. You have the two I am considering. There is a new 212SX as well. Comments?