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California Audio Labs CL-2500 SSP Repairs... Schematics?
GaN-based Class D power amps
The Lyngdorf is not GaN. Saw this on Widescreen Review, “The output section of the MXA-8400 is a completely new electrical Lyngdorf Audio design based on the optimal use of NFB in audio amplifiers. NFB is an arrangement in which an amplifier is ma... 
GaN-based Class D power amps
George, on Bruno’s LinkedIn profile, it does not look like he’s with Hypex anymore? That’s why I wondered if this might be something new. 
GaN-based Class D power amps
Anyone know if the new Lynddorf amp uses GaN-FET? Saw the Facebook post,February 5 at 3:07 PM · "Today we show the prototype Lyngdorf 8 x 400 Watt class D amplifier based a new patented class D amplification technology which is the brainwork of my... 
I would consider using something like Dirac live to give you more rolled off highs and increased bass at low levels. You really are not stuck with the designer's voicing anymore. You can also EQ with programs like Jriver.Some years ago when I audi... 
Linear ATX Power Supply
http://www.teradak.com/eproducts/55.html $1350.OO 
Theta Gen VIII MkII vs. ARC REF II Mk. II
Have heard both in the same system but not at the same time. They are very different. I own the Gen VIII S3. Actually a tube preamp with the Gen VIII gives the best sound. The Gen VIII provides very tight bass that a tube preamp might not otherwis... 
How to improve on the 2 ch in my 5.1 set up?
I would buy the Oppo 95 and use it's analog outs into a 2 channel preamp with a processor bypass. Maybe something like a Parasound JC2. That should give you a dramatic improvement. 
Difference b/w RPG Skyline and GIK QRD diffusors
The RPG skylines performed WAY better than the QRD in my room. 
Classe vs Levinson for B&W / Delta vs CT amps
The CT-M600 has newer circuits than the older CA-M400. You have to compare the CA-M600 to the CT-M600. The CA-M400 appears to be being discontinued. The CA-M600 and CE-M600 both have much better specs than the older CA-M400. 
What amp/pre-amp would you buy for $12-15k?
Parasound JC1 amps, Parasound JC2 pre-amp and then latter Marantz SA-7s1 SACD player, used. 
Revel Studio center channel with Salon R/L?
The Studio actually looks like a closer match to the Salons than the horizontal center. It should work better. 
Let's say I'm looking for an a/v stand
Well I use a Salamander Synergy rack. However,my favorite company is Sound Anchors. 
Mcintosh C220 paired with Krell KAV-2250
Yes, the Mcintosh will give a different blend than the Krell. I like it. Smoother more relaxed sound. You will have to try it. For many it is the perfect blend. I use Mcintosh amps which are also smooth. I like Krell amps too. Different sound howe... 
The Loudness Wars of Modern Digital Recording
Good link.