compact bookshelf speaker for my system

I am looking for a compact bookshelf speakers (main and center channel). For some reasons, I have to find the (bookshelf) speakers fit to my entertainment center (11.8" height).
I prefer to have the speakers to suit the other components.
A/V Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR801
DVD Player: Onkyo CP 701 multi-dvd changer
Subwoofer: Pinnacle Subsonic subwoofer (it was my best choice due to the limit of my size).

I listen more music (70%) than movie (30%). I prefer musical, great imaging, natural, non-fatigue, detailed sound. I am not a loud listener (mostly classical and easy listening).

Given the situation and preferences, I've searched and these speakers in mind:

Epos ELS-3
Monitor Audio Silver S1
Dynaudio 42

I fully understand these three speakers are not in the same price/performance level. I am thinking to get a used/demo one if it is worth to upgrade by putting more money (than buying a new, cheaper Epos ELs-3). Most important factor to find the right one is to get the speakers to best match with the other component for my first HT system. If you receommend any other brand/model (with less than 12" height), it would be great too. My maximum budget would be $700-800 (both bookshelf and center channel). Thank you for your advise in advance.
Haven't heard the others, but IMO, you can't go wrong with Monitor Audio --
they almost always beat anything else in their price range and they're efficent so they're easy to drive. If you can stretch a little more more the GR 10's, you'll even happier. I've seen them on sale on A-gon from time to time for around $1000 (used).
Hi Drew:

You will be making some compromises sonically by placing your speakers on a shelf inside of a entertainment center. In essence, you will have a box inside of a box and speaker companies really do not design their speakers to work optimally in this type of situation ... though in reality, it is probably a more common set-up than they might imagine. Typical audiophile speaker concerns, such as ... imaging; soundstage; separation; ability to disappear ... are difficult to come by in this type of set-up.

With this in mind, there are some things that you can do to make the best of this type of set-up. You may want to consider acoustic suspension(sealed box) or front ported speakers ... back ported speakers are pretty much out, unless you want to plug the ports and then, what's the point. You can also experiment with placement ... whether to place the speakers standing right side up or on their sides. With side placement, you can also decide whether you get better separation and dispersion with woofer in/tweeter out [o O] [O o] or vice versa speaker placement [O o] [o O] . If possible, try to place the speakers on a shelf that is close to ear level height (or even slightly higher) when you would be sitting down. Finally, you may wish to go without a center channel speaker and use your dvd player's ability to create a simulated surround sound effect ... this can be just as effective and pleasing, as having a center channel speaker.

You will still be able to get good sound from this type of set-up, but you really do not have to spend an outrageous amount of money ... because you do not have to chase all the typical audiophile concerns. Take a look at NHT SB2 ($400 list); Wharfedale Diamond 8.1 ($200 list); PSB Image Series; and Monitor Audio Bronze Series.

My 2 channel HT system features speakers (Acoustic Research 302) inside of an entertainment center and it sounds just fine, given all the above listed constraints.

Good Luck, Rich

I would also suggest there's little need for a center channel in your arrangement. I would suggest going with two channel plus a sub-woofer.
You may want to consider taking a look at Phase Technology speakers. I think they make very nice speakers and deliver a good 'bang for the buck' in sound quality. I have a pair of mini-monitors (model #PC40 I believe) that were purchased a few years ago. These are hooked up to 60 ft. of bulk in-wall speaker wire from my downstairs system using a tape-out of my main pre-amp into an integrated amp that controls the volume, etc.. This would seem to be a less-than-ideal set-up, but I am continually befuddled at how great (and I do mean GREAT) these little speakers sound and I can only imagine that they would sound even better if their set-up were maximized. I am using a fairly nice Densen integrated amp to run them and the room is a cozier more relaxed setting with an Ekornes chair to sit in, so this may go some way towards explaining the appeal of their listening area, but I do find myself quite often shunning the main audio system in favor of relaxing in front of the Phase Tech's. I haven't heard their most recent models, but I would hope they continue to maintain their quality level and I'm sure deals are to be had on the used market.
JM Lab Chorus 705 is much better than the Epos for same money and I like Epos, but......
Try soliloquy Sat-5's for all 3 front channels. They are amazing with music and are designed to go on a shelf. Also, with no port, they don't suffer from enclosure problems nearly as much as others.
Try He give amazing pricing on these.
The Epos are very nice sounding - I installed them in a friends system and we were both pretty amazed. However, they are rear portin, and that would present a problem in a bookshelf.
joseph audio rm-7 may be the way to go . i have heard them may time in may different systems and they where very good in all of them.

Take a look at Source Technolgies speakers.
I have owned many nice bookshelves inclucding GM Europas,ACI Emeralds and Reynaud Twins and find my new Source 1.5WV best them all for a cheaper price. I love the tweeter attenuator knob on the back. It's a must have.