cleaning your spade connectors

Can somebody point out what/how to clean the spade connectors? My T1 spdes look dirty/corroded and would like to know the best way to clean them. Thanks.
oddly enough, you can use Pepsi to do this.

Its a trick mechanics use to remove the corrosion off of the battery terminals in vehicals. Works pretty well too.

Just put the ends in a glass of pepsi for about half an hour, then use a wire brush and clean them.

wipe them off, and yer good to go.

I will probably get shot for that reccommendation, but if you want to save a few bucks, it is a great way to go.

There are also a variety of commercial products at ACE Hardware and HOME DEPOT if you dont want to use pepsi.
I use Barg's Rootbeer or Liquid Plumber, then flush with plenty of water !! ......................... Just kidding, really a small wire brush and some Caig Pro contact cleaner would work well.
For speaker cable spade connectors I would avoid using any wire brush to remove tarnish since this will always leave scratched surface and remove silver plating.

Instead dip in some Tarn-X available almost any home improvement center which will instantly remove tarnish, wipe clean then follow with your favorite contact enhancer like Kontak or Caig Pro Gold etc.

BTW I use this method on my own AP speaker cables with massive T1 silver spades.
I guess you don't drink Pepsi nor recommend to consume it:-)
I personally consume Aquafina or Poland Spring.
Do not use Tarnex on ANY plated metals, period. It will corrode the base metal and destroy your connectors in a very short period. Trust me on this. Tarnex can only be used safely on bare copper or silver and the connector must be rinsed thoroughly with water afterwards. Do not use this product on brass either.
Tony007 is correct with his cautions using Tarn-X/rinsing off etc. Therefore to avoid any possible problems I won't use it for silver spade cleaning in the future.

I have used Caig Deoxit in the past to clean silver spades and with some effort it works pretty good.
Your going to think I am crazy but a friend of mine just said the other day that he had a pair of Cardas Quadlink 5c's that had oxidation on them and he used toothpaste on them and it took it all off. They look like brand new?? I Tried it myself and it worked?? They look new? Give it a try it's not going to hurt anything. Good luck. let us know.
Here is a link to a thread here some time ago on the same thing.
The person who asked the same question tried the tooth paste and said it worked for him also. there are also some other godd suggestions there. Good luck let us know.
regards Brian
gladly saying - ain't no need to swallow toothpaste:-)
There is a metal cleaner called "Flitz".I have used it.Flitz is simply amazing!!!!!!!!
defenitely 'flitz' it! every few monthes ,disconnect your entire system and start polishing your ac cords 3 pins ,and just about every connectores in your system. you'll be amazed to how much s*** and dark goo are on your coneectors. try and you'll be flitzed over....
Since the writer didn't state the metallurgy of the connectors, I'd take all forgoing advice w/ a grain. Nobody advised to rinse well with purified water. Most commercial metal polishes - if you're lucky enough to use one that doesn't contain abrasives - contain a light oil to retard corrosion. They're for making stuff shiny like tea kettles and pots and pans. Bite the bullet and get de-oxit or kontact...

Ketchup works quite well on naked copper, but... rinse well.
I use the perfect connection packets and they work great. I think i got them from music direct.
Don't use chemicals. Use a rubber eraser to rub the tarnish off. It won't leave any residue, and it won't attack the base metal.