Classe CA300 vs. Classe CA2200?

I've been using the CA300 for a few years now and am curious about the newest series from Classe. The CA2200 is 2 channel with 200 watts per side while the CA300 has 300 watts each. Doesn't look like they're making a 300 watt stereo amp anymore. 200 watts should be plenty for my speakers though. Anyone done a comparison on these? Any significant sonic improvements?
Hi the 2200 is a better sounding amp then the ca300 ,it is smooth from top to bottom and has a fine midrange ,it even sounds better then the ca 350 monos it runs class A up to 1/3 of its power (as does all the delta line) so its running class A up to 66 watts which is where 99% of your listning is (unless you like real high volume)it has enough power to drive a thiel 6 easily which is not any easy load I liek tubed amps but when i heard this series i bought the ca m400 monoblocks .. but the 2200 is a fine sounding amp
I disagree with Dodger4, but of course it is a matter of opinion. I used to own older Classe gear, and I've seen them go down the drain with each new series. The new gear is partly made in China, with assembly in Canada, and truthfully, IMHO, the older S1000 stomped on a CA300 and CA400, and those stomp on the CA2200 - I feel they put money on those fancy TFT displays, and payed less attention to sound. Not that they sound bad, but you could do much, much better. Plus, their dealers try to push B&W speakers now on you, which may or may not be your liking, but the point for them is obviously to make sales and not to help find what's really best for you. My NYC dealer really pissed me off, and now I do business with someone else.
What better: sound Classe CA series or Bryston SST series


The Classe would sound smoother and therefor better than a Bryston. I have had huge reliability issues with more Classe gear than I care to remember but they sounded nice when they worked. I since have moved on to Pass gear and have never looked back.For sonics Classe but for reliability Bryston.
HI Mitchb - could you elaborate a bit on your Classe reliability issues?
Thank you, Mitchb for response.
Very interesting your opinion about PASS, but this level is over my budget.... :-)
I had a CA300 for many years and had no reliability problems. Same for the DR-10 that I owned for several years before that. Acording to my dealer, after I bought my CA300 in 1995, Classe modified the amp to make it sound more impressive in the showroom---sharper highs I recall him saying---but overall less natural in his opinion. He later said the CA301 was voiced in a way that took it back to the original CA300.

I don't have any experience with more recent Classe gear.
Classe does make a new 300 watt stereo amp. The CA-2300.
Reviews of this and the new model 300 and 600 watt monoblacks have been very positive by every reviewer.