Need parts for Parasound HCA2200 amp? Clean the relays?

I took my Parasound HCA2200 to the authorized dealer here in Nashville. Waited forever to finally hear the problem is with the relays at the output? I am told those parts no longer exist and that Parasound recommends cleaning them.

I asked what the part numbers are and am waiting for them to get back and tell me.

Is cleaning the relays going to work?
Any thoughts on finding replacement parts?

Get rid of the amp?

Any help would be sincerely appreciated. I don't know what to do.

Thank you!!!
Hey @linesides

Cleaning can work, but relays are incredibly simple components. Even if they don't exist, you an often find similar parts which with a little effort will work just as well.

I had this issue with Yamaha professional amps. I ended up not just replacing the relays, but adding sockets so the next time they would be easier to replace. 
Personally, I'd rather replace with new, and finagle them in somehow.

Thanks, E. Repair shop I took them too didn't seem too enthused with figuring out how to adapt new relays so they rehabbed what was there. I can only hope the fix lasts. So far, it's working.
If anyone stumbles into this thread and finds relays that work well in this amp, please take an extra moment and give me the part number of the relays you used. As I understand it, this is a 48 volt relay.