Which the right speaker for Classe CP700 + CA2200?

Dear all,

i just join this forum and i need your kindly suggestion:

I have bought a PRE and AMP CLASSE', PRE is CP-700 and AMP is CA2200.

They arrived my home a couple of days a go and i need a suggestion for the right speakers and cable to match my sistem.

I'm looking for speakers B&W 803D but the seller of my AMP suggest to me to bought a B&W 804D because match better the power (2 x 200W) of my AMP. In his opinion 200W is not enought for drive the 3 woofer of 803D.

Would you please give me your kindly opinion and suggestion?

Thanks in advance.

Classe is often paired at dealers with B&W with very good results. In the B&W line, depending on your room size, I have always felt the 805s to be their best value; I have heard the combination and was very impressed. What's the size of your listening room, musical biases, etc.?