choosing interconnect/Speakers/AC -Maestro Utopia

this is my current setup:
acoustic zen silver reference ii XLR interconnect
Cardas Clear speaker cable
wireworld platinum usb cable
Focal Maestro Utopia
Pass labs X350.5
Pass labs Xp10 pre
Oppo BDP-105
regular PC computer

i ordered Luxman DA-06 , should get it soon
the Maestro Utopia i bought recently
i think the AMP and PRE are not good match with the new speakers and i will upgrade in the future (not sure what to choose)

do you know what brand and models i should demo?
heard that Nordost and Tara Labs are good match with Utopia
they have speed (dynamic) and also some "warm"
i'm not sure

Well first of all, I don't know that buying cables to help tune in the sound of your new speakers to your existing electronics (which you are already planning to change) is a good idea. You say that you recently bought your speakers and that they don't match well with your Pass electronics. How do you know whether it is the Pass Labs electronics or the new Focal speakers that you do not like? Did you like the sound of the Pass Lab electronics with your previous speakers?

Looking to buy cables to mate with a system that you plan to change in the future is like putting the cart before the horse in my opinion. Because when you change the electronics or speakers so that they mate better, you will probably want different cables then too.

That said, I've owned both Tara Labs and Nordost cables, and while I would agree that they both offer speed and resolution, I would not say that they are also "warm" sounding. The Nordost Valhalla is the fastest sounding cable I have ever heard, but can sound a tad lean or clinical, not warm sounding at all. The Tara Labs The One that I currently have is very fast, not quite as fast as the Valhalla, but does have just a touch more musicality. I would still not call the Tara Labs cables "warm" sounding. The problem with speed and "warmth" is that they take you in separate directions. Just as one cannot go east and west at the same time, one cannot have speed and warmth at the same time. The faster the sound, the leaner the sound, while the warmer the sound, the slower the sound. I'm sure that others will disagree, as that is the nature of this hobby. However, IMHO, you should settle in on a system first before fine tuning it with cable choices.
I never understood paying so much for cables to 'tune' a system. Just get the right components and buy a great neutral cable. I"m liking the AQ stuff right now as it doesn't seem to add anything. I have been an avid MIT guy up until now and I still love that stuff too. I never thought that my MIT stuff tuned anything. Just passed things along as they were supposed to be, but that's just my ears. Get your components and then your accessories is my opinion.
My local shop carries the Focal Utopia speakers and they currently have Asthetix gear paired with them, but I much preferred the Krell gear they had previously. I have never been more impressed than with Krell and Focal and this goes from the Utopia with Krell mono-blocks down to Chorus series speakers with the S-300i integrated.
I have some older Focal Electra 936s which had the typical Focal sound, very detailed and analytical. I found that Cardas Golden Reference ICs added some nice warmth to the sound.
The biggest improvement in overall sound quality came when I finally employed tube power amps. I bought Consonance Cyber 800 monoblocs but there are many very good tube power amps to consider.
I would go the route the two of you went and get the right components. I do agree that cables are THAT important, but not until you budget and get the best components you can get that gel together. Matching components and listening ot me is the only way to go. I do pay more usually by going to Audio Connections in NJ, but John has the same ear that I do and he has listened to a lot of products that I simply don't have the time or ability to do. I trust him and try to buy UP whenever I can. That's just me though. I"ve been around this industry since 69 or so and I've seen a lot.
@ Mceljo, Hi, Very well said post about Krell and focal speakers, I have found that krell mates well with all the legendary speakers out there,Focal Utopias, Wilson Grand slams,Avalon Acoustics,Rock port speakers,JBL speakers, etc.. you get the picture, Krell may not work on everything, I have heard them on this short list with astonishing effect!, I am saying, I agree with you 100%.