Speaker cable for focal scala utopia

Hi, I need help with choosing the right cable for my focal scala v1 speakers.  I am currently using the Synergistic Research Element CTS. It is not bad but I want to tone down the brightness a little bit more if possible. I also have an opportunity to replace the Scala with the Magico Q3, should I take it?  Would it make any improvement?  the Any suggestion would greatly appreciated.  

Amp: Pass 100.5 
I use Audioquest Thunderbird with my Scala EVO. Very smooth. The EVO is smoother then the v1 though. The Magico Q3 is older and Magicos were brighter back then also
Thanks for the suggestion M.  Have you try their Redwood or Firewood series?  I was told they also match well with the scala.  Are you using tube or SS?  I am using SS amp and tube pre. But I doubt they are the cause of my problem. 
In my experience, Purist cables have a smooth presentation, but without loss of detail, but I would finalize my speaker choice before making a significant investment in cables. 
I was using Audioquest Aspen before. the thunderbird is much better then the Aspen. Im also using solid state. The less expensive Audioquest William Tell would be very good as well. New series is more neutral, smoother and better detail then the older line. 
Havent really tried other brands. 
I also have a few Pad power cables (20th Anniversary) in my system which sounded great.  I thought about trying the Neptune cables but went with the Synergistic CTS instead.  I guess I will have to save up for the Dominus cables. Thanks for the suggestions guys. 
I'm am offering you a deal of your life:
Tell me what is the Damping Factor (DF) of your Amp. and what length do you need the cables to be.
I'll calculate the cable (thickness or AWG).
The cable I'll recommend, will prevail any cable at the market, except an identical one (same length and thickness).

There are so many cable options out there, that it is tough to say anything other than that "I have used these and I like them."  That being said, I have Focal Diablo Utopia III's and like the way Morrow Audio MA7 speaker wire sounds with them! I also use MA7 IC's as well.
Look at Tara Labs Muse another great cable with a full dynamic sound with GREAT detail and bass definition and weight.