Cheapest places to buy gear?

Hey. I'm hoping people will offer up the names and perhaps numbers or contacts, email, web address etc of the CHEAPEST places they have found to buy various audiophile items: everything from power amps, interconnects, tonearms, cardas wire, caps, cartridges, etc...
I think this will help a lot of people out besides cheap-ass li'l ol me.
I guess I start things off: I was searching for Sennheiser hd600 headphones and the prices varied widely. had them the cheapest by a long shot at 280. I've seen people selling them used for 280, 290! Anyway, dont know about their other prices but if you're looking for a set of great cans this could be your place. good luck
I just looked at the hififorless site and the HD-600 are listed for $319.00 did you get a discount Kublakhan?
I ask because they are the cans I want.
Audiogon not cheap enough? What could be cheaper than this website?
I have not had enough of a chance to really investigate all the way, but I happened into the french and italian ebays the other day. Stuff looked sort of cheap there. Kind of reminded me of the good ol days with USA ebay (if a buyer). I'm not so good at reading those languages though, so I could be wrong. It is just an idea. If anyone is thinking of asking me what I saw there, or even how I got there, I will answer now: I have no idea.
Yeah, i was thinking the same thing about the deals here on Audiogon, Audioweb, Audioreview and Audioshopper. If these prices are TOO high, your just TOO cheap : )

As to Hififorless, they recently had a BIG change in terms of advertised prices on their website. I've seen some of the prices go up as much as 60% on some items. Don't know if they will still meet their old prices or not, but there's only one way to find out.... Sean
Have you tried Jeffssound Values? He is a Agon dealer and they are great people to deal with. I believe he is on the west coast(san diego). Top notch gear at great prices.
Good new/refurbished stuff can be found on auction at
I have bought several high-end items (Bryston amp, etc.)from a "clicks and mortar" dealer in Santa Clara, CA. The owner is Danny Oovlin, and his business is "Bestofdeal". Danny used to advertise in the small classified ads in the back pages of Stereophile, although I have not seen his ad recently. Danny handles a number of brands, and I have found him to be very prompt and professional in his transactions. The easiest way to initially reach Danny is by E-mail at: ....READ the descriptions carefully & ask seller questions before buying . Ebay is a little work but can be very cheap. HCM audio(listed as an audiogon dealer) is great for cables & power cords , has some great closouts call them .
Okay ... I can't help getting on my soap box here. In a related thread titled "How Much Commision do Salesmen make? " I spent words on the value of your dealer. Please look at this thread and keep it in mind when you look to endrun the dealer in your area. Even a certfied cheapskate like myself can have a good dealer relationship. Don't assume that your dealer only cares or spends his time on the Krell/Levinson set. If you are a buyer and respect his right to make a living, you'll be treated with respect in return. Those who get the dealer to spend time, then buy the same component elsewhere to save a few dollars don't deserve service or respect from the dealer scorned!

OK - off my soap box now. Thanks for reading. Listen to LIVE music, support the artists that create it.
Try Jeffssoundvalues. You can't go wrong. Great prices and great people to deal with.
Slingshot, i've read the stuff about commission but this thread has nothing to do with it. i'm not suggesting you go to a dealer, milk him for info and then buy elsewhere. if i already know i want a grado sonata for my alphason arm because of my own extensive research why would i drive 45 minutes to a dealer i dont even know when i can order it off the net for $125 less? you're right, you are on a soapbox but i'm glad you at least realize it.
Kublakhan ... point well taken. You've made it difficult for me to gracefully decend from my soap box, so instead, I'll just fall on my face. I am a big fan of spending my money close to home ...
slingshot I actually agree with you in principle. i rent videos from the local place even though they are due the next day (which i never seem to make) and are more expensive than the blockbuster directly across the street which allows - i dunno, 5 days or somethign?. didn't mean to seem like i was putting you down.

Try "E-bay". You can sometimes find bargains on their site. Be sure to read the fine print before you put your bid in. Once you bid on an item, unless a greater bid comes along and beat yours, your bid is your binding contract, and if you win, your winning bid should be just like your word, it's "your bond".

If you're into Sonic Frontiers gear, don't fail to contact UNDERWOODWALLY, who advertises on Augiogon. He's really on the up and up. I did extremely well on a SF Line 1 preamp from him, and he beat everyone's prices. Great to work with, and extremely knowledgeable.
Is cheapest the best way to go? I'd rather pay a little more and know that the people I bought something from are going to stand behind it if there's a problem.
I can personally and wholeheartedly recommend The Stereo Trading Outlet. Not only are they a member of Audiogon, they are local to me(in Jenkintown, PA). I have dealt with them personally(in person) on numerous occasions. Since the mid 80's. Their prices are fantastic. Please check out their website, if you cannot visit in person. They have many components that they do not list here on Audiogon. For instance, last summer I saw a Synergistic Reseach Master Coupler there. It was not listed here on Audiogon. He only wanted $99, while the private parties on this site's classified all were listing prices of $165-$185. I picked up my Coincident Loudspeaker Technology Digital Master/Troubass subwoofers there. $1300 for speakers that sold for $4200(and were still in production when I bought them). Cannot say enough good things about them and their prices. VERY nice guys too!
What are you looking to buy anyway? Hope you don't mind me asking.
you know how it is, clpams. if i dont get good prices on all this crap i keep buying i'll have to stop and then what will i do?? i'm just trying to rack up a good list of decent places to buy all kinds of equipment - not just for right now but down the line. but since you asked, at the moment i'm looking for a grado sonata and an arc vt100mkII.
thanks everyone! i've already contacted some of the guys from your suggestions.
Oh yeah, has great cds and LPs. you can search for 180gram vinyl and gold or jvc cds. they even have some mfsl. the prices here on audiophile LPs are lower than the same used stuff goes for on ebay. ALSO if you're looking for good 180g LPs check out instead of buying the same stuff on ebay used for the same price or more! I've also recently discovered which allows you to type in a piece of music and get the cheapest prices (although from a select listing of online stores). Come to think of it, i ordered something through a store they recommended about 3 months ago and still haven't received it. that one might be a 'nevermind.' sometimes going cheap can be expensive.
Dont forget for the purchase of music. I am assuming source material is an audiophile item. This site may not always be the cheapest place to find the CD or LP you are looking for, but it will often list that one title you have been trying to find forever. And most of the time for dirt cheap. In fact, I find there is so much listed that it can take the fun out of "collecting" music, because it is all there. Amazon has been sitting in the corner wearing a dunce cap ever since I found it.
Good luck.
Email or phone Walter who deals on Audiogon as "underwoodwally;" his prices on high-end gear are astounding and he is really helpful about options too. Two other Audiogon dealers I have dealt with at amazingly low prices (for new gear) are Bob at Avalon Audio Video (ph. in New Jersey at 609-654-7752) and Kevin at Audio Deals (ph. tollfree at 888-528-6933). I also agree with the other poster who recommended Stereo Trading Outlet; great stuff, much of it new or lightly used demo, at great prices. If you can't find an item you're looking for from a private seller on Audiogon, who usually have the LOWEST prices, try one of these dealers. I also think the Audiogon private sellers are far more reliable and helpful and accommodating in transactions than anyone on eBay or other sites I have used.
And I forgot to second the recommendation for not only for LPs, CDs, and SACDs at the lowest prices (and fastest shipping; they are in Chicago so seem to be pretty centally located), but also for turntables, cartridges, accessories, and some cables. They are an extremely reliable mail order place and they will help you set up your turntable if you don't want them to do it for you.
For cds try They are in Canada so sometimes they have stuff not yet available here. They have a list of 200 titles that go for 9.90. After that they are generally competitive.
With confidence, I would refer you to Jeff's Sound Values. I've experienced their approach pertaining to audio sales and would characterize it as genuinely pleasant and enjoyable. Jeff and Dan are highly recommended! -Sam
if i told ewe, then i'd have to kill you... ;~)

doug *born to buy cheap* sedon

Just found another great LP place for unopened out of print stock.
amazing. i've been buying these records opened on ebay for more than they sell them here.
definitely worth a look. they also sell tapes.
Jeff! Jeff!! What are you doing?? I have dealt with Jeffs Sound Values and they are awesome, Jeff is great as is the rest of the staff. Prices for their used equip is right at the market level and very fair, no gauging there. I am local to San Deigo and have been to see Jeff a number of times. Since Jeff moved to the new fancy digs, and started being a "dealer" for various brands, I am becoming afraid! Don't do it!!! Jeff has the most used stuff around and I hope he doesn't sell out like everyone else has!
I'd recommend Hawthorne Stereo here in Seattle for used gear. They're very straight-up guys who specialize in high quality used gear in addition to their favorite Naim new stuff. You'll see their auctions on ebay sometimes but I'd recommend giving them a call directly or going to their site, They've been around for more than 50 years and are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. It's a real treat to be able to go into a store that has hundreds and hundreds of interesting pieces of used equipment, it's a very different experience from the limited stock at most new-only stores.
I think Toys From The Attic. What do you mean I'm biased?! has some great deals sometimes on closeout items.
Cheapest is not always best! There is a dealer on Audiogon who has some great prices and lots of Dutch Auctions. Just don't ask them a question about excessive shipping charges! I found this out when I received a reply that was both a juvenile and an insulting tirade! I found out from other members that they had been dealt with in the same manner when ANY question apparently offened these losers! (One member asked how old a used unit was!) I can't identify them, because I have been told they have lawyers who harrass people when the "heat gets turned up" and I don't need to be involved in a libel action. My point is, stay with someone who gives you a decent price, treats you with respect, and enjoys the audio field! Dealers who could care less about customers usually aren't concerned with anything else but making money!
I have been treated very well by both the Stereo Trading Outlet in Jenkingtown, Pa and by Toys From the Attic in White Plains, NY. Both are excellent. TFTA has a great showroom-high end audio on one side and guitars on the other.
Also agree with Audio Advisor recommendation on closeouts and/or for their 30 day trial. It is always worthwhile to pay a little more if you can get a home trial. I have gotten some "great deals" pricewise only to find out later that the item does not interface well with existing gear.
I'm very glad to hear you've had such good experiences at my store. Customer satisfaction is of the highest priority to us. We are all quite dedicated to our craft and really enjoy walking the upgrade path with our clients. I'd like to point out that we offer a home trial on virtually everything we sell, typically 2 to 7 days before payment, and then 100% trade in up to 30 days. One of our strongest beliefs is that it's difficult, at best, to get a sense of how a product will perform for you at home by auditioning it in the store. The main reason we don't allow 30 day auditions on new, sealed products is because upon return that item, in my opinion, is no longer 'new'. I believe there is a premium value associated with purchasing a new item, sealed in box from the factory and I don't agree with the practice of selling something as new after it has been in someone else's home for 30 days. Hence, we have floor models which we use for home demonstrations. But, for practical purposes, they cannot stay with any one client for 30 days. Anyone should please feel free to take advantage of our liberal home demo policy, new and pre-owned items alike, even if you're out of our area. We simply request that you take responsibility for the cost of freight in both directions if you decide the item is not for you.
Thanks for the opportunity to sound off.