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Help with tube tester
Eicos are the best fimds because they are cheap 
Curious about the state of your hearing?
Need your help finding a pair of speakers.........
Any idea where you last saw them or left them? 
Compare Large Advent?
They SUCK! it's a no brainer... 
Integrated Amp Vr-4jr
Plinius 8200II - Best sounding integrated under $3K- used for $1500 
Looking for solid state integrated amp.
No brainer especially with your room size. Plinius 8200II - A little over your price range but probably the last amp you'll ever own. On here on A'gon for $1400 
Anyone know a good source for boxes for speakers?
In NY metro, Boxes are everywhere. Look on any street corner or retail shop- especialy on recycle days.... 
packing a turntable for shipping
use an oversize box, all sides, bottom and top use carpet padding (several inches thick) and then insert the table in styrofoam on the sides bottom of the plinth, pack arm separately if possible, secure suspension and on top of platter place a 2" ... 
TLC for Vintage Marantz Receiver in NYC Area
get a can of spray cleaner from radio shack 
Newbie looking for cheap dependable table
SYSTEMDEK IIX is excellent choice & extemely reliable 
Quicksilver V4 or Rogue M-150, Hurricane,CJ 60SE
Bkonig- Curious to know why you like what you like and dislike the ones mentioned? What's your criteria/motivation? Are you a dealer? 
Best $500 cartridge? Dynavector DV-20XH?
I sold my dx20XH- is was rather boring and sterile and polite. Ended up with an old grado and also an old shure v15. So on your set-up - not sure you'll have to try it out. So so subjective. But my advice is pass on the 20xh 
Trying to audition Plinius in NYC
Just get a Plinius 8200II - a no brainer w/forests 
Any good Tuba Classics or Trombone classics Cd
Yes. What does a trombone player use for contraception? 
Including Boxes in Shipping Costs or Sale?
Why get yourself all worked up over this. Keep the speakers