Cerapuc / Cerabase for Wilson Sophia 2


I will receive my Wilson Audio Sophia 2 speakers soon (thanks Adriani!). I have a wooden floor in my living room / listening room, and sometimes spikes creates resonances in upper treble. I therefore wondered if anyone have tried Fine Elemente Cerapuc or Cerabase foots below their Wilson speakers.

As Hifi+ wrote testing them on their speakers; ""The improvement in low-level resolution was dramatic, with increased focus, transparency and separation. Highly recommended."
The acoustic system toplines is the way to go.
I tried the Cerapucs under my Andra 2 speakers, and did not like the results.
You might want to go with something that's designed just for speakers like audiopoints.
I have found that the symposium svelt shelves work great under my speakers. I limit the cera pucs under components.

I received the Sophias 2 today, and we will set them later today. Just now they are on wheels, but I will use the spikes enclosed. I bought the speakers second hand, and it seems to that the disks to be used between the spikes and the wooden floor are not included. According to Wilson brass disks should have been included. I presume any brass disks can be used?

Cheeers! Toffen G
Hi, yes there is nothing special about the brass discs. I've watched this thread unfold, the spikes wilson uses are engineered to kind of be "part of the speaker" I'd save your cerepuc money for under your equipment.

I imagine they will make the sophia's sound different, not better.

Those are killer speakers, pay attention to the set up in the manual to get the most of them !