CEC - how are they these days?

I am in the market for CD transport in the price range of within $3K. There are lots of candidates, and I found out that CEC at least used to make good transports. I checked their website to find out there is no mention of US distribution. I am wondering whether someone out there own or have experience with CEC's newest lines, specifically TL 2 or 51, and what you think about them. Any comment or information about products or dealer in US is highly appreciated. Ken
ken: if you want a "pure" cd transport for <$3k, i highly recommend your looking at the accuphase dp-90 (original msrp, $7.5k). I use one in my digital system and won't get rid of it unless and until sacd or dvd-a comes of age. the accuphase is built like a tank, sounds wonderful and can be found here on AudiogoN. moreover, no problems with accuphase being on the edge of financial disaster, or over it. -kelly
$3K will buy you a used CEC TL-1x which is excellent. Or spned a lttel more and get a used Forsell which is very musical. Can't go wrong with either of these. The Forsell sounds a little more musical but the CEC is easier to operate and less obtrusive. Cheers
Ken...I have owned a CEC TL 2 for over a year now. Prior to that I was using an Accuphase DP-65 as a transport with my Audio Logic DAC. The Accuphase is a beautiful piece and I thought it was excellent as a transport. However, since I didn't care for its sound as a CD player I decided to sell it and try the TL 2 which I had heard really great things about (and I bought it for about half of what I sold the DP-65 for). I really didn't expect to hear that much difference as I'd never heard big differences in the transports that I'd owned. The TL 2 is in a whole different league than the Accuphase DP-65 (I have not heard the DP-90 that Kelly mentions above, but have heard good things about it too)or anything else I've tried and the build quality is as good as anything out there. I believe that Parasound is the importer for CEC.
Thanks, all of you.
I will think about Accuphase, too, Kelly. Since there is no mention on its HP about US distribution, I emailed its Japan rep, who in turn forwarded to Parasound. The President himself of Parasound very promptly returned email. I was very impressed. According to him, there is no stock in Japan or US, and new line production is running for come-back in May. I can't wait, while I don't know why CEC has kept low profile for sometime. Any ideas?
Question for owners: I remember from old days that belt drive TT required periodical replacement of belt. How are your CEC?
Next: My other equipment are, PT's P1/P3/Monolithic D2D/DAC combo, Sonus Faber Signum speakers, driven by Sonus Faber Musica integrated, via DH Labs cables all around the system. What do you think is the "matching" level of transport in this system? I am not saying that I am happy with my current Pioneer DV525 (mod) as transport, but I am looking for something better, like many of you. As you may guess from the line-up, my music is totally classic (especially strings). Simply put, what transport would you put in this system? Or do you see any other significantly weak link here? Please feel free to shoot honest opinions.
Thanks! Ken
Oops. I meant "I am not saying that I am UNhappy with my current Pioneer DV525 (mod) as transport". It sounds great (thanks, Dan), except for the occasionally annoying spinnig noise.
My recent short contact with the Parasound is that they have excellent service and prompt return for my 4 years old CEC. The belt in CEC is quite reliable. CEC and perhaps Burmester transport had certain musical quality that's quite different from others. The vocal just seem to sound "right." It does not have the thin sound that's typical in Japanese electronics. And it gives each musical note some weight that makes the presentation more palpable.