CDP or universal?

I am looking for a player to complete a nice though modest system consisting of a Blue Circle cs int. and a pair of Tetra 120u's- I am considering the new CEC 3300r or maybe the Rega apollo but starting thinking about getting a universal instead if there is one in my price range (500-700 new or used) that will most importantly sound good with redbook cd's and also that isn't annoying to use: I don't want to have to use the remote to jump to the next track or to guess which track I'm hearing.
I've heard good things about the Oppo (and than maybe I'd add a Scott Nixon tube dac on) or the Denon 955s which can be had for around $300-
I'd be very grateful for feedback.
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I have the Denon 2910, which is the same player as the 955s, and am very happy with it, though I use it with an external DAC so that I get the ability to switch between CD and wireless network streaming.

One of the things I've liked about the two Denon players I've owned is that they're simply a lot better built than the less expensive DVD players I've had and the ease of use is much better.

At the price is charging for the 955s, it's a real bargain.
If you want to live life large with a universal, Crutchfield still has the
Denon 3910
at half price for $800.

Not the last word in redbook performance, but a really good machine nontheless.

Regards, Rich