Pioneer DV-45A or Denon 2200 Universal players

Just bought the Pioneer- not real wild about the SACD sound at this point. The DVD audio sounds good. Anyone compared these two. I'm not concerned about the video or redbook.
One of my comparisons included an Al DiMeola recording by Telarc. The redbook version sounded better than the SACD version. This suprised me since the SACD vesion was on a sampler disk which presumably would be superior.
A/b'd several players today. Ended up with the Sony 777. More money but boy does it sound good.
I have a DV-47a which is essentially the same as a 45a. I was also unimpressed with the SACD performance. So I sent it Dan Wright at Modwright and let him do an extensive upgrade including adding Bybee devices to all 5 channels. Now it is absolutely amazing. Great result that I can highly recommend.