CD players with variable output/volume control

Hi - I am a single-source guy, and I want to run a CD player directly to my poweramp. I know there are some good units out there with volume controls on the remote, but I don't know of many. Here are the ones I know of:

Xindak Muse 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
Xindak SCD-2
AH! Njoe Tjoeb 4000
Several Marantz units...

Any other moderately priced units out there? Am I crazy to want to do this? I hate preamps, especially when I only use them for the volume control...
Add the Cary 303/200 and 303/300 to your list. The 303/200 goes for around $1500-1700 used here on Audiogon. I own both units and they can run direct to the amp. I prefer the functions of the new remote, though the older remote is impressive in itself as a massive piece of high-end metal.

As for sound, in my system I preferred the 303/200 through my ARC tube preamp, though direct is also very good. The 303/300 gives you the option of switching between a tube or SS output section on the fly and at this point in my current setup, I favor the unit direct to the amp with the tube output.
many Wadia models available
Do a search, this is one of the single most popular subjects over the last 2-3 years, you'll find tons of info.
Sorry - I must have been using the wrong search words or something, because I initially came up with very little. Now I can add these to the list:

Resolution Audio Opus 21
Cary CD-308 (Cary has several CD and DVD players w/variable out)
Quad 99 CDP
Sony 707ES
Linn Genki has two sets of variable outputs
APL 3910
ML 39, 390s,
You can add Modwright's 999ES and 9000ES players to the list as well, as long as you ask for the DACT attenuator option. BTW, there'a a Modwright 999ES w/volume control listed now.

Wonderfully musical players!
California Audio Labs CL-15
I have owned the following CD players, all of which have a remote controlled variable volume: (in order of purchase date)

Theta Miles (I owned the balanced version which is supposed to be superior to the single-ended only version)

Cary CD-308

Resolution Audio Opus 21

Musical FIdelity CD/Pre-24

Quad 99 CDP

If you plan to connect direct to amp, make sure the player you buy has plenty of steps for the volume control. If too few steps, you may have to choose between a setting that is either too loud or too quiet. More steps=better control.

Also, some of the ones listed by other posters have volume control, but it is not remote controlled. All of the ones I listed have remote volume control.

The RA Opus 21, MF CD/Pre-24 and Quad 99 CDP all have additional digital inputs so you could also possibly connect additional digital devices to your system. For instance, you could connect a DVD player for watching concert videos, etc.

Of the ones I've owned, I prefer them in this order (based on a combination of sonics and usability):

Resolution Audio Opus 21
Quad 99 CDP
Cary CD-308
Theta Miles
Musical Fidelity CD/Pre-24

FYI, there are also some good DACs with variable volume. I have owned the Monarchy Model 33 and Birdland Odeon Lite. Neither has remote control.


Audio Aero Cap also.
If possible I recommend you audition any CDP that you will use direct to amp before you buy it (or atleast buy it used so you have the option of selling it without too much of a loss). I have yet to run a CDP/DAC direct to an amp and prefer it, long term, over using a CDP/DAC with a preamp in the chain.

A few I have tried: Wadia 850, Benchmark DAC1, Apogee Mini-DAC: Just my two cents.
Coincidentally, APL has just announced a new multiformat player with volume control for $1100. The unit sports 4 DAC chips per channel. See:
A balanced output option is also available for a modest premium.
I own an Audio Aero Capitole MkII CDP. It is the only piece in my audio system that I have no plans for replacing or upgrading. It is simply too, too good in every area. I run my amp directly from the Audio Aero. You will never miss a preamplifier (unless you want to add phono, or start adding more inputs). You can't go wrong with the Audio Aero. One of the best CDP's I have ever heard, period!
The Linn Genki can do this (around $850 or so used). But you should know that sound from any CDP that has this variable output function built in isn't as good this way as it will be when the signal is run through a decent preamp.
I too would have to second the Audio Aero Capitole Mk II CDP....
I just received an APL Denon 3910 on the 22nd of July. It sounded incredible out of the box while going through my Calypso pre. When I switched to direct to amp, my dead quiet noise floor got even quieter! I have not noticed a drop in body or dynamics. Here is the clincher. He just rolled out an inexpensive, solid state Marantz for cd only that he claims to be incredible. There are some aspects of this player that he even prefers to the 3910. Check out his forum if you get a chance.
Oops - take the Xindak players (Muse 1.0, 2.0, 3.0) off the list, because the volume control only influences the headphone output. Apparently the SCD-2's volume control does influence the RCA and balanced outputs.

Sorry if I caused any conclusion, but the translated Chinese documentation is not exactly clear!
Muse Model 11 does (it is also a universal player). I think the Audio Aero Prima does as well.
"But you should know that sound from any CDP that has this variable output function built in isn't as good this way as it will be when the signal is run through a decent preamp."

I've re-thought this and as a general statement want to back off it. While it is true of the Genki and things in its price range, it is not necessarily accurate with the right higher end player running direct into your amps.
Newmanoc: I appreciate your qualifiction. I am running a Prima MK II SE DAC direct into my amp and find it outstanding. It has a tube output linestage built in and sounds great. I have not yet made any direct comparsions with a linestage in the mix yet.
add the "Theta Miles" to the list
The Denon DCD-920 in the auction now, has variable and fixed outputs.
I like the Shanling CD-100. Not expensive about $2000 retail. Our store sells them for about $1700. Very very nice. Remote volume control. Stunning looks.
Great way to go ... shorter route ... I've used Wadia this way and now, too, with my Shanling SACD. I really like the Sbanling, and its playback with CDs seems every bit as good as with SACDs, maybe better.
Some Chinese players to add to the list:

Kavent CD-831
Vincent CD-S6MK
Shanling CD-S100
ShengYa CD-S10