Cd player repair in San Diego

I have a Denon 2900 player that I shot some compressed air into the tray area to blow dust off. Stupid. The player cannot read the discs now, just spins. Does anybody know of a repair facility that is reasonable (price) in San Diego, CA. or knows how to realign the laser?

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I bet the dust got onto the laser lens. Try one of those cd lens cleaners that have the delicate brushes equipped on them.
You will be lucky if it is just dust. "Transports are the first thing to fail on a CD player and are frequently the death sentence". I was stunned when I was told that about a well worn Jolida I had bought and later on Audio Aero Prima I really grew to like (that one really hurt) but after some lousy experiences with transport repairs, I have in many, but not all cases, come to the same conclusion. Better luck to you.
Try here:

This one may be expensive:

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