Cd player not working without remote

Hi folks:
My NAD 545 cd player buttons will not work without using the remote today. I have always just used the buttons on the machine, went to play it today and nothing will turn on, open/close etc. without using the remote. With the remote it all works just fine.

Any thoughts as to what is happening with this?
Try unplugging the unit and waiting a few minutes, then plug it back in. This may reset the unit.
Thanks Mofimadness: I did try this and have just tried it again for about 10 minutes. Still nothing. Again it works perfectly through using the remote. Scratching my head over this one, usually it is the remote that gives out
In addition to MoFi's advice I would add that when you unplug it. Press all the buttons on the front of the player. Sometimes there is stroed capacitance in the unit and the processor cannot free itself of all stored memeory unless there is a complete drain. Then replug it and try it. I would also consider popping the cover and check all connections. Maybe the face plate connection to the IC board has worked loose.
Ok Theo, I gave that a try and the "on" button worked when I pressed it, the other ones did not. I have unplugged again and pressed all the buttons and will leave itg unplugged overnight and see what happens.
I'm not too sure I'm up to taking the cover off the thing...
So you gained the "on" button working where it hadn't been?
Do I understand you correctly? But if the rest is still not functioning I am afraid the unit has a deeper problem.
Did you pull the cover and check connections? And before you get to involved is the unit under warranty? If so, I beleive I would refrain from opening the unit up and send it in.
Well I unplugged it overnight and then replugged this morning. Everything was working just great.....but..a little while later I tried it again and nothing works without the remote again.
I think I will have to pack it up and send it in as it is under warranty.
Sounds like it just may have a short in the processor loop. But NAD will have to search it out. Or, just one more question before you box it up. Is it a 2 or 3 prong AC plug? If it is a 2 prong, then you may be to blame here. I have a high static issue and when I flipped LP's to side 2 I would get a lot of static. And actually MoFi pointed out that I need to ground myself before I touched the LP. I did that and the static discharges. So again if it is a 2 prong try to take a chassis screw and add a ground wire linked between the NAD and the center screw on your wall outlet plate or even a three pronged component. This will establish a ground. Also you may once that is place try to discharge the static in your body by touching another 3 pronged component in your system before touching the player's buttons. If that solves it then NAD will return the CDP back to you with a "no problem found".
I have had a number of problems with different pre-pros in my house due to static electricty and you may have this issue as well.